PokerStars Spinball Offers $10K in Free Cash Prizes Every Day

PokerStars gives players the opportunity to take a shot at winning daily cash rewards worth $10,000. During a Spin & Go tournament focus, concentration and a knack for hitting big multipliers come in handy, which also is needed in pinball. PokerStars combines the two games to offer poker players the best of both plus lots of cash in everyone’s pockets.

Every day a new pinball puzzle is available in the Challenges window, daily puzzles comprise of eleven pieces and by collecting five, a cash reward of up to $5,000 can be collected, while the rest can be collected for another free $5,000 cash reward. By completing the puzzle participant’s chances of winning bigger prizes are increased.

Claim Your Free Spinball Cash Rewards 

• PokerStars players need to log into their Stars Account and if they haven’t downloaded the software do so now.

• Once the download is completed the Challenge Window can be opened to discover a range of Spin & Go challenges.

• A pinball puzzle piece can be collected once a challenge is completed.

• By completing more challenges more puzzle pieces can be collected until players have 5, exchangeable for a reward worth up to $5,000.

• Another cash reward worth $5,000 can be collected if all puzzle pieces are collected before 23:59ET.

PokerStars also offers “The Deal Jackpot”. When players hit a Royal flush playing “the Deal Jackpot game”, they will win a free spins on the jackpot wheel. This will award a cash prize of at least $500 and will include other cash prizes up to $5000. Land on the jackpot and you will win 50% of the acclimated jackpot, all those who have played in the previous 12 hours will share in the remaining 50%.

New Members Can Claim $30 Free Play at PokerStars

Not a PokerStars member yet? Register a new account and enjoy $30 extra free play or free bets by using bonus code “THIRTY” with the first deposit. New members enjoy 5 x $1 Spin & Go tickets across the first four days plus 5 chances a day to win up to $10,00, as well as 2 x $5 to enjoy any games of their choice.

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