Inside the mind of a poker player

Call or fold? The vital question that’s at the heart of every poker game, should you call or should you fold? Working out what to do in the heat of the moment, and how you make that decision, is the mark of a skilled player. If you’ve got a pair of queens and your opponent suddenly starts raising when a solitary king comes out, what do you do? Well, the answer to that is impossible unless you have a read on the player. Are they the type to bluff like that? Maybe they’ve worked out you have a queen pair and are trying to scare you off. Working out the truth in this type of situation is where the pro players really shine. Whether it’s live in person or done via a monitor in an online casino UK, the pros would be able to tell whether or not someone was bluffing by how they place their bets and what cards have come out for the flop. The other thing, of course, is the pro would be aware of how their own betting looked and would mask their tells carefully so their opponents wouldn’t know what they had. Hitting this fine balance of reading your foe without being read is the mark of a real pro, and we’ve put together this helpful little animation to help you work out what level you’re at right now.

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