4 Brilliant Themed Casinos that someone needs to make!

You’ve got a hefty bankroll to play with and need to choose a casino: Do you go with the old, traditional gold lined casino or do you walk in to that huge edifice modelled on an ancient Roman palace?

There are two ways to look at a themed casino. Either you’ve got a brilliantly unique casino that stands out in a sea of sameness. Or you have a gimmicky casino which doesn’t offer anything new but is inexplicably modelled after Great Britain.

The only problem if you are on #TeamTheme is that the casinos choice of themes… well, a little limited. You’ll normally see a casino modelled on a real place like, the Luxor modelled on Ancient Egypt, and the Excalibur which went all in on the ‘Castle Camelot’ thing.

But there’s a whole world of themes out there just waiting to be tapped into!

Here are 4 suggestions of themes we’d like to see some future venture try and capitalise on.

1. ICE!

It’s getting cold in here!

You’ve heard of Sweden’s famous Ice Hotelright? It’s a permanent version of what is normally a temporary structure; an entire hotel built out of ice, snow which is only sustainable because of the sub-zero temperatures it finds itself in. A beautiful example of human ingenuity and the frozen beauty of winter.

That, but with gambling!

The only way to enrich the superb atmosphere of an ice hotel would be with the glitz and glamour of some casino action. Just picture it, a whole casino carved out of ice with winter themed slot machines and plenty of drinks (that probably won’t need ice in, given the circumstances).

OK, so there are a few logistical issues – like the dangers of someone trying to substitute weighted ice cubes for craps dice, and if you get caught card counting you might die of exposure… But if you can get past that, ice would be a brilliant theme for a casino!

2. Put it all on 007

Every drink is shaken not stirred, sir, you don’t need to request it

Quick! Who’s the biggest fictional gambler you know? Thank you, everyone who said James Bond and no thank you to the rest of you who went with something different out of spite.

While Bond’s gambling is a famous feature of the films and books, it’s arguably the casinos themselves that have made the strongest impression.

It’d be fairly easy to make a casino that fits the Bond theme too. You could have a strict dress code, spy themed games and ‘coded’ drinks to order at the bar.  And obviously a martini, shaken not stirred, would also be on the menu.

Obviously, you’ll need a stronger baccarat presence than most casinos since it was Bond’s favourite game in the books. Probably a Texas Hold’em room in the back for everyone who only started watching with Daniel Craig.

You might need to see about getting the licensing rights (that would be the biggest issue here), but once that’s out the way you’d be golden!

3. Al Capone’s Casino Dome

Been spending most our lives…

Bringing a slightly risky connection here. Back in the old days it was an open secret the mob held some sway over certain casinos and used them as money laundering sites. While everything’s above board now, the shadow of the mob’s hold over Vegas is well-known and still inspires movies to this day.

Now, without moving into extra-legal territory, a casino modelled on notorious gangsters could be a lot of fun! The connection is already there and having a more secretive, back-room style of décor could make for a more involving experience. A menu of mostly Italian food including Chicago deep dish pizza (naturally) could help drive home the classy, well dressed gangsters of old.

There mightbe a few problems here, predominantly that having a casino themed on organised crime may have an issue with trust. Provided you can get the brand in a good place, this theme has some real potential!

4. A Vegas Themed Casino!

What could be more Vegas?

OK, now this is where it starts to get weird. Imagine, if you will a casino in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. You go inside, see what it’s about, and inside you see another Las Vegas!

Yes, in the world of casino gambling Vegas really is king, and you could easily theme a whole casino around the familiar look and feel of the strip. With neon lights game tables based around real monuments and other casinos (for example, a roulette wheel atop a table modelled on Excelsior’s Camelot) the sky’s the limit in this meta-focused casino!

Honestly, I can’t see any flaws with this one, let’s just start chasing up investors!

What do you think?

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