New York Online Poker bill Gains support in State Assembly

Things might be changing for New York’s online poker as it gets support in state assembly where for a long time it has been struggling. Assemblyman Clyde Vanel said that things might be getting better in the licensing and regulation for the online poker over the next couple of weeks since the projects that the number of co-sponsors will skyrocket. 

Vanel chairs the Subcommittee on internet and new technology which was established this year in the Assembly’s committee on economic development. He said that he expects that Gary Pretlow who is a fellow assemblyman to legislate the authorization of online poker sites to have about 60-70 co-sponsors but it currently stands at 13 co-sponsors. Vanel believes that they have a good shot at getting online poker legalized in New York this year. He added that Pretlow is a great champion for this and that he has the partners to make it possible. 

According to Vanel, he believes that most of the lawmakers in the Assembly are in favour of neutral on online poker and he believes that those opposed are generally against gambling. Vanels argues that since New York has casinos, a lottery and racing casinos, it will be hard for people to oppose online poker. He believes that if it will be properly regulated, concerns that people have will be put to an end. 

Some are saying that the land-based casinos will get hurt by this new move but Vanel argues that these existing casinos will be the ones getting the licenses to operate the online poker sites and this will provide a new revenue source for these casinos and offer some of the best real options for poker players. This will be the third time that the Senate will have based the bill and all hopes are on Pretlow who is supportive of the bill and will do all he can to move it in the Assembly. 

All that is needed is for the A5250 to get 76 co-sponsors since all that is required is 76 votes to pass the bill. This bill is not expected to find its way to the Assembly floor until the end of the legislative session in June. Another option is to force the leadership to take up the issue if the co-sponsors grow in number. Vanel believes that pressure from the outside will be of help too. This will help them push on the inside as well as the outside and this will show that there’s voice out there other than people who are opposed to wagering. 

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