Vanessa Selbst vs. Jason Mo, who you got for the WSOP Bracelet?

wsop-bracelet2Only two players remain in the WSOP Event #2, $25,000 Mixed-Max No Limit Hold’em: Vanessa Selbst and Jason Mo. Yesterday’s action saw 16 players play down to four, whereupon they were randomly paired up and played semi-final heads up matches to determine who would advance to the final day and play for the bracelet and an $871,148 prize.

Selbst, often the chip leader throughout the tournament, had been crippled and was by far the shortest stack when Matthew Gianetti dropped out in 5th to trigger the beginning of heads-up play. Fortunately for her, she got the perfect draw, getting to play Alfred Decarolis, the one amateur player remaining in the tournament. Although he began with a 7-1 chip advantage over Selbst, Decarolis’ tight style was poorly suited for heads up play, particularly against a hyper-aggressive opponent like Selbst. Decarolis had hit some good hands earlier in the tournament, often against Selbst, but his luck failed to hold and inexorably, all his chips ended up in front of her now.

Jason Mo, meanwhile, was faced with JC Tran. Their match was comparatively short, as they’d begun not too far apart in chips, and ended up in a coin flip, Ace-King versus Tens, 28 hands in. Jason Mo flopped a King to win that race, and polished Tran off shortly thereafter.

Whereas Selbst’s live tournament success is legendary, Mo is a bit of an enigma. The only information available about him is his Twitter feed, and the main takeaways from that are that he’s a high-stakes internet professional and that he talks a good fight. He called Selbst “so bad” after she busted his friend Ryan Fee yesterday, and is currently looking for people willing to bet against him so as to increase his action for their match today.

Will Mo’s live game be able to cash the checks he’s been tweeting? We’ll find out this afternoon. The live stream starts at 2 PM PDT on

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