Ten members of the poker media you should be following

mediaSince the coming days will likely be filled with nothing but New Jersey online gambling news, I thought I’d throw out a curveball and point you in the right direction for some of the news in the poker world other than from myself.

This is kind of a strange column, and one that just came to me as I was surfing the Internet looking for information on a specific company’s Nevada online poker license. While I was performing this task it just hit me that there are certain websites and authors that I look to first when I am in search of specific information. So I decided to create this list of the places and people I turn to when I’m in search of poker information.

How I made my choices

The first reason these journalists and websites were chosen is that I do not feel the need to run their claims under a microscope of scrutiny, or worry about biased or false claims, bad sources, or other issues –mainly because they use attribution, don’t kowtow to specific online advertisers, and have a solid reputation for fact-checking and sourcing to begin with.

Secondly, it also struck me that when I need an expert opinion, or use attribution in an article the vast majority of time it’s from the websites and authors listed below.

Thirdly, the sources I have listed below are news-breakers and focus on original angles of stories, and are not simply writing about a story that has already taken place.

Finally, I respect the people listed below as writers, not just as sources for poker information.


Before I get into the meat of this article let me preface it by adding that this is not meant to disparage any other writers or websites, most of which do an incredible job covering what is a very convoluted and difficult poker world.

So don’t use this list as some argument that I feel outlets not mentioned (Cardplayer, PokerListings, PokerNews, etc.) aren’t credible, or that great writers like Chad Holloway, Brett Colson, Dan Cypra, Dan Katz, Barry Carter, Paul Oresteen, and so many others aren’t as dedicated or diligent when it comes to their work as the people listed, or that their work is less important.

The List

Each of the people below brings something different to the table, with different areas of expertise and different mixtures or reporting, speculation, and opinion in their writings.

John Mehaffey from USPoker.com, 4Flush.com, et al

There are only a couple of spots to turn to when you’re looking for an educated opinion on some aspect of the regulated US market and “PokerAddict” is one of them. John does a good job covering all the angles of the story, and blends in the perfect amount of commentary to make the story uniquely his.

Chris Grove from OnlinePokerReport.com

*Full disclosure, I do quite a bit of work for Chris.*

However, because of this I’m also aware of his attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the poker industry. While he’s typically breaking things on Twitter, at OPR and other sites Chris doesn’t get out ahead of a story just to be first. For fact-driven reporting Chris Grove wins hands down.

Marco Valerio from Free Agent

Initially known for his work on QuadJacks as a podcast co-host and interviewer, “Agent Marco” is quickly becoming one of the most important voices in the poker community, and has some great insights and connections to the industry side of the online gaming world, especially when it comes to US regulation.

Earl Burton from PokerNewsDaily.com, PocketFives, et al

Earl’s columns are factual, informative, and he has a way of taking complicated issues and making them palatable, and from experience I know this is one of the hardest things to do. Earl also does a masterful job with his opinion pieces, where he’s generally spot-on with his commentary and is willing to keep the conversation going on social media or in the comments section. If I want a grounded perspective I generally turn to Earl.

Kevin Mathers from Bluff.com and Twitter

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if it’s happening in poker you’ll find it on KevMath’s Twitter feed. KevMath is a source of information for everything poker, kind of like the uncle you call when you need to know how many feet are in a mile or what year the Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings.

Diamond Flush from DiamondFlush.com

She doesn’t write all that often, but when she does you can bet you are reading an accurate and well thought out article. During the Black Friday saga there was no better source for accurate information than Diamond Flush.

Nolan Dalla from NolanDalla.com

Nolan is the insider’s insider, having built up a lifetime of connections in the poker world, so you know you’re getting the real behind the scenes stuff when Nolan decides to dish on one topic or another. There are no punches pulled in a Nolan Dalla write-up and his storytelling abilities via the written word are second to none.

Nick Jones, Michael Gentile, et al from Pokerfuse.com

I’m lumping the entire crew over at PokerFuse.com into a single entry because they all deserve it. Mike, Nick and the rest of the PokerFuse.com contributors are accurate, break a lot of stories, and unlike many other outlets aren’t worried about sending their readers to “competing” sites, because they know they have a product people will come back for.

Haley Hintze from FlushDraw.com, 4Flush.com et al

The Amazing Randi of poker, Haley can be counted on to let loose with a multi-part series whenever someone tries to pull a fast one on the community. The evisceration they receive is usually more than enough to keep them from asking for a rematch. Beyond her abilities to call BS, BS, Haley has a good understanding of poker and the poker industry.

When I need info on Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet the search starts and ends with Haley’s work.

Rich Muny from the PPA

This is kind of a strange entry as Rich isn’t technically in the poker media, but in his role as VP of Player Relations with the PPA he pretty much is the communications branch of the poker lobbying group. In addition to his social media presence Rich also hosts a podcast every Monday night.

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