The Sunday Funnies 12/8/2013: An entertaining look inside the poker world

futurama-pokerJack McClelland retires

As Matt Savage reported on his Twitter account, long-time tournament director Jack McClelland (who should be in the Poker Hall of Fame) is retiring. McClelland’s last tournament will be the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, after which he’ll ride off into the sunset, or probably continue to hang around poker rooms.

McClelland has been in the poker world for five decades, including stints as the World Series of Poker tournament director. Cardplayer Magazine scored an interview with McClelland, which is a good read, especially if you are unfamiliar with his contributions to the game.

Odd Oddsen takes on politician for $170k

After years of durrrr Challenges and Superstar Showdowns we in the poker world are getting pretty used to Challenge Matches, but this latest one is a bit different as online poker pro, Ola ‘Odd Oddsen’ Amundsgaard has offered up a challenge to any politician in his native Norway where he is risking $170,000 to the politicians $0!

Yup, the politicians are on a $170,000 freeroll, yet only one politician (a pro-online poker politician to boot) took him up on the offer – which if I was a Norwegian would make me question the fitness of my elected representatives.

Cardplayer has more on the match.

Irish poker player busted in marijuana sting

When you subscribe to Google alerts you really never know what is going to land in you inbox. Usually the oddball stories with the keyword “poker” have something to do with a assaults with fire poker’s, or the latest on Lady Gaga, but this time around the word poker referred to the card game, but the story was anything but typical:


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