The Sunday Funnies 12/1/2013: A lighthearted look at the poker world

35tdlcWhat in the wide world of poker crime is going on this week?

Stop taking rides from strangers

Somebody may want to explain to Eric Riley why accepting rides from strangers when you’re carrying around $100,000 in cash is a bad idea.

Riley, coming off a big score at the Borgata Fall Poker Open made the near costly and possibly fatal mistake of doing this two times in the same day according to a New York Post article that is almost too hard to believe (it’s not passing my smell test at the moment), and reads more like a bad screenplay than actual events.

Update on Bodog internal battle

Last week we brought you the news about the Bodog offices being raided in Manila, and now we have more information. You can read our in-depth summary of the current Civil War taking place at Bodog here.

Duhamel’s ex is back in court

Back in December of 2011 Jonathan Duhamel was the victim of a violent home invasion, which was orchestrated by the ex-girlfriend of the 2010 WSOP Main Event champion, Bianca Rojas-Latraverse. Rojas-Latraverse was back in court recently to appeal her sentence, but the judge was not swayed and sent her back to prison according to the Montreal Gazette.

Bryan Devonshire has been having a bad day, month, year

Variance can really test the mettle of a poker player, and right now it has decided to test the mettle of Bryan Devonshire. Devonshire recently wrote a blog post detailing his troubles at the poker tables that should be must reading for all aspiring poker players who think things will never get worse.

William Reynolds taking on all comers on Twitter

A number of people found themselves on the receiving end of William Reynold’s Tweets this week.

First was Loni Harwood, who apparently thinks borrowing an account to play online poker doesn’t constitute playing online –not to mention it’s completely against the T&C’s of every online poker room.

Next up was Calvin Ayre:

And then finally Reynolds aimed his pointed comments at Dan Bilzerian pretty much out of the blue –which Bilzerian responded to by calling Reynolds a hater, but in a much more colorful way.

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