The Sunday Funnies 11/24/2013: A lighthearted look at the poker world

futurama-pokerConspiracy theories abound in presenter contest is looking for a new Junior Presenter at tournaments and in their search for the right hire they decided to open the contest up to the public… the poker public… what could possibly go wrong?

Other than allegations of professionally produced videos, shady vote counts, and rule changes I guess not too much! Here is an unmoderated discussion of the contest that you might find interesting, or at the least amusing!

Bodog offices raided

Maybe Runner Runner isn’t such a fanciful portrayal of the online poker world after all.

The reason I say this is due to the current situation that is playing out in the Philippines, involving Bodog and a handful of the company’s former employees, which has left me asking, “What in the wide world is going on at Bodog?”

An internal spat pitting former Bodog employees against the online gaming giant seems to have boiled over, going from some accusations to seemingly dropping dimes on one another and getting the authorities involved.

So far we have seen the small group of former employees indicted, and now is reporting that Philippine authorities have raided the Bodog headquarters, detaining and sequestering several employees.

Read all about here:

Jason Mercier’s new outlook on life

In a new blog Mercier talks about getting some balance in his life, and not just poker balance. Apparently the poker wizard is a bit competitive and has an addictive personality, putting his all into everything he does.

It’s not really a funny story, but I thought it was interesting enough to mention here.

Matt Savage’s Frankenstein

While Mercier goes in search of balance, tournament director Matt Savage is exploring some of his regrets, and chief on the list is his creation of reentry tournaments, which he talked about in a recent op-ed.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, Savage is now ready to rid the world of the monster he created.

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