PokerStars announces more All-In Shootouts for World Cup

online-pokerPokerStars has announced its latest promotion, a series of $10,000 All-in Shootout freerolls tied in with the World Cup. Like previous All-in Shootout promotions, entry to all All-in Shootout Pokerstars freeroll tournaments are earned by completing a variety of simple “missions,” such as making a deposit, or playing a certain format of game. The twist is that each completed mission gives the player a ticket to one of three tournaments, corresponding to the result (Team A, Team B or Draw) of a specific group stage World Cup match.

PokerStars introduced Mission Weeks and All-in Shootouts last November, and it appears that the experiment has been a success, as they’ve held numerous similar promotions since. In all cases, players have to opt in to a given mission to participate, and then complete the corresponding task. In return, they gain entry to what is effectively a lottery which borrows the superficial structure of poker – a tournament in which players are assigned to tables of 4 and are automatically all-in every hand, with the winners advancing to the next round and earning progressively higher payouts.

The current promotion seeks to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, by tying each mission to one of the tournament’s group stage matches. The interface has also been considerably slickened, with a button appearing in the PokerStars interface which pulls up a browser window to opt in, rather than requiring users to find a specific menu option and manually type in a code.

What’s interesting this time around is that the promotion isn’t purely a lottery, because players still have to make a decision, choosing one team or the other to win, or betting on a draw. The thing is, whichever option one chooses, the $10,000 prize is going to be randomly distributed between all those who chose that option. So if you choose a dominant favorite, you’re likely to get your entry into the draw, but be drawing at slim odds once you’re there. Alternatively, you could pick the underdog, or a draw, and be less likely to qualify, but have considerably more equity if you do. Just make sure to find a Pokerstars download and start playing at PokerStars.

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