Poker Players Cannot be compared to other gamers

From research findings, it is believed that poker is an intellectual game that is played by the boys who get good grades in school. This is a game that’s played by elite athletes and glamour models and this is something they talk about openly. For other poker players, they choose to stay locked in poker rooms and keep their activities hidden. According to the Nordic working ethics, you cannot make a living from playing poker as it is believed to be dirty work; this statement was made by the first Norwegian to earn a PhD in Poker.

Niri Talberg plays poker and he has applied his interest for the game in the academic arena. In 2008, he used his master’s degree in pedagogy to enlighten people about poker players. He went on to earn a doctorate in the subject as well. Talberg loves games and this started at an early age when he visited his grandfather where he was permitted to study the weekly sports lottery coupons.

He says that he persuaded his grandfather and father to let him buy eight half-hedges and this made his predictions correct. This was his first and last time that in his gambling career. He banked €1700 which was a huge amount of money for a ten-year-old at the time

This win triggered something in Talberg. He later went on to play Texas hold’em and this new game opened up for him. He was fascinated by the many elements that the game has. He points out that all you need in the game is to learn the playing style of the opponent. The game is all about statistics, the size of the bid and the amount of money you can get the opponent to pay when you have a good hand and how you will manage to keep the pot low.

Talberg is currently working with Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research in Oslo and he believes that most of the people and this includes the researchers studying poker undermine the skills required in the game. He believes that poker players have a lot of expertise similar to professional chess players and former athletes but the game is not appreciated in the same way.

Poker vs. Education

Poker training is a huge industry nowadays. Talberg finds that young people who are willing to learn to play poker use plenty of online tutorials. People who are playing poker as a livelihood are spending a lot of time learning about the game. He continues to say that good results in poker games will have a negative consequence for young people’s education. Poker will not get you far as a mediocre player but to be good you will need to invest a lot in the game. Talberg believes that this is similar to an arms race since it is dependent on being better than other players.

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