Partypoker New Software Rollout Drops Hand Histories And Upsets MVS  

Partypoker, the second biggest online poker room in the world has continued to roll out the changes in an effort to improve its online poker experience for players around the world. The online poker room recently completed a major software update that has resulted in a number of significant changes. 

One of the biggest changes brought about by the new software update is to create a safe and secure environment for its players and that required the removal of all third party software tools and a mandatory change of user names. The changes have ruffled a few feathers of both players and software providers. 

Third Party Software Users Prey On Weaker Players

The major update has required all players to change their alias upon first opening the new software. This has effectively rendered older player data recorded by third party trackers and heads-up displays (HUDs) useless. HUDs are online poker tools that enable players to display game statistics and player stats which give players information showing them who are the stronger and weaker players at the table. 

The advantage provided by HUDs allow players to prey on weaker players and makes the playing field unfair. The new software update eliminates all third party software and makes the playing field even. In order to do this effectively, partypoker had to remove all the usernames and hand data attached to these users IDs.

While a lot of players are irked by the fact that they have to part ways with aliases they’ve grown sentimental to over the years, Partypoker has justified that the change is crucial to the full removal of various player data, which in the past has been used by much more experienced gamers to get an upper hand on weak players.

With the revamp, Partypoker has eliminated hand histories and has largely barred third party seating scripts. Downloadable hand histories are often fed to tracking software, while seating scripts are used to premeditate which types of opponents a player would like to contend against.

Partypoker has taken steps to crackdown on automated seating scripts as early as January 2019. PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world banned auto seated scripts in April 2019.

Software Developer Unhappy With Partypoker Update

Software developer Max Value Software (MVS) – the parent company of Poker Tracker, Hold’em Manager, and a handful of other third-party poker tracking tools has put Partypoker on blast following the update. The overhaul is seen rendering a lot of Max Value Software’s products virtually obsolete for Partypoker patrons.

MVS has particularly zeroed in on Partypoker’s decision to drop hand histories, which the software developer insists is critical in detecting collusion among poker gamblers and widespread cheating. Ten years ago, hand histories proved instrumental in revealing insider fraud perpetrated in two major online poker sites.

MVS made a lengthy post on the popular Two Plus Two forum which highlights that without hand histories gamblers will be at the mercy of Partypoker’s internal security, as they will have no way of verifying hands by themselves. The leader in poker tracking software alludes that the update sets a dangerous precedent, as without downloadable hand histories, Partypoker can be susceptible to not-easily-detectable insider cheating.

MVS has cited now non-operational sites Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet as cautionary tales for major online poker platforms operating today. The defunct sites were shuttered on April 15, 2011 after the US Department of Justice charged them with illegal gambling, bank fraud, and money laundering. About $60 million in player money was lost during the Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet shut down.

Partypoker’s update is seen largely crippling MVS’s business revenue as it diminishes the usefulness and value of the software developer’s products which are mainly online poker tracking tools and programs. The change is seen to signal reduced renewals and sales for the software company.

However, in order to curb rampant “bum hunting” or player targetting and to stop more casual players from falling victim to predatory gamblers, these updates were a must according to Partypoker.  

Partypoker managing director Tom Waters expressed that with the overhaul, they are seeking to offer a fresh start to all their players and set a new precedent in the online poker industry. 

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