Partypoker Follows In WSOP Footsteps Amid Push To Be More ‘Green’

With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) leading the way in adopting sustainable efforts seen to reduce the environmental impact of live poker events, partypoker which runs a popular live tournament schedule is following suit, introducing best practices of its own that will look to make things more ‘green’.

WSOP Shows The Way

The WSOP which is currently underway in Las Vegas is by far the biggest and most popular poker tournament in the world. The WSOP has shown the way to other poker operators in a number of different areas including how to run a more environmentally friendly operation. 

The premier poker brand recently revealed that it has mounted an initiative to recycle all the waste being thrown into bins during its tournaments. The WSOP has partnered for many years with the One Drop Foundation; an international non-profit established by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté. The WSOP has encouraged players to use refillable bottles by introducing 5-gallon water jugs in its tournament rooms, contributing to cutting down the presence of single-use plastic in its events.

The One Drop organization provides safe water and sanitation to communities who need it the most. It has partnered with the WSOP since 2012 when the Big One for One Drop event raised about $10 million for the charity. This July 2019, WSOP will host the Little One for One Drop tourney, slated to feature an $111,111 buy-in and will also benefit the charitable organization.

Partypoker Phases Out Plastic Members Cards

Partypoker is the second biggest online poker room in the world and its live poker tour is growing more popular with each passing year. Taking a leaf out of the WSOP’s strategy, partypoker has taken similar steps in reducing its carbon footprint and making its future live events more green and sustainable.

Nick Whiten of partypoker LIVE recently disclosed that the company has decided to halt its production and mailing out of members cards all together, seeing its digital app as a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative.

Whiten explained that its old plastic membership cards were heavy and costly to produce – not to mention shipping them in bulk between events entailed a lot of transport and logistics, which according to the World Bank are among the leading industry contributors to global CO2 emissions.

Logging on to the partypoker app allows a user access to his or her registration information, as well as generate passes for when joining live casino events. The move has been lauded by ecologically-aware gamblers; however, partypoker’s affiliate casino Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham may not be on the same boat. The property’s Terms and Conditions page reveals that the property still utilizes plastic membership cards.

Partypoker Sees Travel As Top Emissions Contributor

Partypoker is also working on developing a better relationship with its live tour operators by pushing them to also adopt the go green initiative. Partypoker sees travel as one of the major contributors to the gambling industry’s collective carbon footprint, with thousands of players taking trips to attend tournaments outside their home states and traveling abroad frequently. 

While this will not be discouraged, partypoker will push its live tour operators to focus on attracting domestic players through targeted advertising and marketing. Partypoker is also looking to employ more local dealers and staff wherever possible, seeing that by obtaining more resources and manpower locally, they’ll be reducing their travel and logistics needs, as well as the subsequent CO2 emissions.

Partypoker’s concerns over travel emissions are legit. BBC reports that the aviation industry has contributed at least 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with less than half of international carriers giving its flyers a chance to help offset the carbon footprint of their travel.

One person’s flight from the United Kingdom to Las Vegas is estimated to generate at least 3.2 tons of C02. To compare, an average European citizen will produce around 8.4 tons of C02 annually. In order to reverse the long-term effects of climate change, a study shows that each person in the world should only produce 0.600 tons of greenhouse gases every year.

Partypoker’s strategy of being less reliant on transport and logistics services is seen having a huge impact on the firm’s collective carbon footprint, as the brand looks to hold events under the ‘go green’ banner and pushes for more sustainable practices to be adopted in the near future. 

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