Licensing for online gambling sites begins in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is working hard at establishing its online gambling field and offering regulations and products that will encourage the players. Pennsylvania state is in a bid to encourage the best operators to start serving their residents and this is the reason they started the application process for Interactive Gaming Certificates. 

The launch of online gambling in the Keystone state and how it will potentially change the financial state of the region is one of the hottest topics. Why is this so? People are talking about this move with speculations of how the financial status of the region will be affected positively. This is one of the measures that are expected to benefit the society as well as the gambling industry by having incredible online casinos like Zodiac Casino. With these new regulations, there is the introduction of mini-casino licensing for a total of ten new satellite locations and this is projected to improve the state budget. 

In October 2017, there was the official legalization of online gambling in the attempt to diversify online gambling offerings. Pennsylvania is the fourth state to legalize online gambling for its residents and guests. This authority has the mandate to oversee the field in the state by putting a lot of effort into the improvement of future iGaming scenes by brainstorming on the possible events for development as well as potential questions that will potentially come up. 

Information on the Application Process

Currently, there are thirteen all inclusive licenses that are available for application and they can be applied for by the land-based casino operators in the state. This is the first phase of the application process and the companies allowed to participate will be licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. It should be taken into account that there are 12 currently running gambling venues in the Keystone State and this is the reason there are thirteen licenses. Who will take the thirteenth license?

In November 2017, there was an announcement that there will be the groundbreaking of a new casino resort that will be called Live Casino and Hotel Philadelphia. The launch of this casino is predicted to be in 2020. This makes it clear that the thirteen licenses will be taken by this new casino. Generally, these are 39 online gambling licenses that will cover the online gaming arena in Pennsylvania. 

Each applicant will have ninety days to petition for one of the gaming licenses to operate an online casino. Before they do so, they will be required to have $10 million for them to apply. There will be another thirty more days that will be granted for the applicants to acquire a more specific license in one of the available categories. The first round of application will run until 14th August 2018. 

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