Jake Cody gambles UKPC winnings on one spin

Over the weekend Jake Cody had grinned his way to being named the UKPC Highroller winner, but split the prize pool  4 ways collecting a total of £46,500 for his trouble. However, Cody wasn’t happy with that and decided to gamble it all in one spin of the wheel.

After a win like that most poker players would head straight over to the bar to celebrate with the usual shots and champagne. Not Jake Cody. Cody went straight to the roulette table at Dusk Till Dawn casino and put 100% of his winning on black.

Cody asked Dusk Till Dawn casino owner, Rob Yong to spin the wheel himself. Yong agreed and helped Cody walk away with over £90,000 after it came up black. The crowd gathered went mad, and I assume the celebrations went straight to the bar for the delayed shots and champagne.

Antonius Samuel uploaded the following video to Facebook:

Dust Till Dawn UKPC

The DTD UK Poker Championship is one of the most interesting poker tournaments on the UK circuit. One of the main reason it is so successful is the $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool as well as the trust poker players put behind the sponsor DTD and Party Poker where the satellites are held.

You can also win money just for bubbling in the UKPC satellite on Party Poker. If you bubble you will win a random prize from £220 up to £1,100. They also have some other cool promos on UKPC satellites, like the Play 3 get 1 Free. If you play 3 satellites you get free entry to the 4th which is pretty cool. These are only a few cool features, Party Poker have many more listed when it comes to qualifying for the Dust Till Dawn UK Poker Championship.

UKPC Results

Position Player Country Prize in £ Prize in $
1 Jake Cody United Kingdom £42,670* $59,949
2 Ben Longstaff United Kingdom £44,220* $62,120
3 Martin Olali United Kingdom £43,225* $60,722
4 Andrew Garland United Kingdom £37,105* $52,125
5 Anonymous £16,220 $22,786
6 Anthony Elliott United Kingdom £12,000 $16,858
7 Andrew Hulme United Kingdom £9,000 $12,643
8 Steve Warburton United Kingdom £7,000 $9,833
9 Manuel Bardon Spain £5,200 $7,305
10 Matthew Wood United Kingdom £4,200 $5,900
11 Joseph Platten United Kingdom £4,200 $5,900

* Part of a 4-way deal


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