Infamous Poker Player Mike Matusow Promotes His New Podcast At WSOP

Mike Matusow is one of the most controversial larger-than-life characters in the poker world. He has always been entertaining to watch adding a little extra spice to the table with his personality. Now “The Mouth” is trying to capitalize on his ‘fame’ by dipping his toes in the content creation business.

Matusow has gained an online following after launching his ‘Mike The Mouth’ YouTube channel about two months ago. There he posts satirical videos and gives fans a glimpse of his daily hustle with a video blog. He got the “The Mouth” moniker due to his penchant for trash talking. The American poker player has also launched “The Mouthpiece” podcast and has begun streaming live commentary for the final tables of a handful of tournaments.

Matusow says his new endeavor is off to a good start and that he is confident that by being his usual wisecracking self, he’ll be able to draw a larger audience.

The divisive character is no stranger to the digital realm. In 2007, Matusow, in partnership with CardPlayer, hosted a video series which ran for about three years and 70 episodes, pulling in listeners of upwards of 35,000. However, the project was eventually halted after a disagreement with CardPlayer.

Matusow Inspired By The Success of Negreanu and Ingram

Matusow shares that he’s been gunning to reboot “The Mouthpiece” for years after seeing the success of fellow players Daniel Negreanu and Joey Ingram in gaining large followings.

Matusow has had a good run at the WSOP in the past winning four gold bracelets. The last couple of years he came out with 13 finishes in the top 20, made four final tables and took in around $400k in cash. However, a back injury has hindered Matusow from playing poker as much as he would like and has forced him to look at other alternatives at bringing in income.

Matusow bumped into his former editor from the CardPlayer show at a life celebration dedicated to his long-time friend Gavin Smith. Disclosing his plans of resurrecting “The Mouthpiece,” the editor was game in helping Matusow realize his goal – paving the way for the Internet reemergence of the oddball web series and his podcast.

The content game has proven to be a lucrative business. After pioneers Ingram and Doug Polk attained widespread viewership and huge success, many have tried to carve out their own niche in the digital space.

Among the notable new influencers are “Johnnie Vibes” Moreno and Andrew Neeme, who treat audiences to a behind the scenes look at their lives on and off the felt. Even film producer and amateur poker player Bill Perkins is seeking a piece of the pie by launching a yacht to host his own round-the-clock reality show.

‘Howard Stern Of Poker Podcasts’

Matusow believes there’s room for his unique voice and insight too, christening himself the “Howard Stern of poker podcasts,” throwing in that he may have had the opportunity to secure some airtime for himself, if not for his habit of swearing.

He playfully stated that he might have had a shot at Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari’s commentary jobs at ESPN if not for the fact that he swears too much. Though his content is not a polished as that of Negreanu, Matusow hopes his raw no-nonsense approach will endear an audience to him, adding that most people value sincerity in their content creators.

His podcast usually starts with an opening of current events and sometimes even a few news items. He does not want his podcast to be only poker related as he wants to give his audience variety. Matusow also regularly features guest interviews, before closing his 1-hour show with call-ins from fans from across the country.

2019 WSOP

Matusow reveals that his endgame is to go mainstream and build a big and popular podcast.

With the WSOP and poker season in full swing, Matusow is going back to compete for bracelets, after a surgery in January relieved much of his back pain in discomfort. But this doesn’t mean “The Mouth” is taking a hiatus from his social media platforms. He will use the 2019 WSOP as means to build more content.

Matusow wants to give his viewers an inside look into the World Series of Poker with his vlogs. The fledgling influencer also plans to fire up impromptu interviews with other gambling pros, as well as feature footage from his mounted “scooter cam.” We will have to wait and watch how it all pans out for The Mouth.

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