Iconic Stratosphere Casino Offers Daily Poker Tournaments With Low Buy-Ins

Poker players who are not familiar with the poker scene in Las Vegas will do well to pay heed to our suggestions with regards to find cool poker tournaments away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Whenever tourists visit Vegas and have an urge to play poker, they invariably tend to hit the casinos on the Strip because that’s where the action is supposed to be. However we can confirm that poker players will find some lucrative live poker action if they move away from the center of the Las Vegas Strip and head on to some of the lesser known poker rooms.

In fact, playing at live poker rooms a little away from the Strip is highly advisable for players who do not have too much money to spend. Currently, the iconic Stratosphere Casino is running affordable poker tournaments on a daily basis and players will most certainly end up having a good game as the casino property attracts a large number of tourists on a daily basis and a number of them end up playing poker.

This means more often than not there are some large pots to be won at their poker tables. One of the biggest selling points of the Stratosphere Poker Room is tournaments with low buy-ins and re-buys. The live poker room holds poker tournaments every day at 11:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m., and 11:00 p.m., so irrespective of their time of visit, players will find a tournament in progress at Stratosphere Poker Room. The tournament entry fee is $50 and players will receive a starting stack with 4,500 chips.

If players go in for the add-on of $20, they will receive 6000 more chips. The good news is that players can re-enter each tournament an unlimited number of times during the first one hour. Each poker level lasts 20 minutes, and cocktail waitresses are always ready to fetch drinks on demand.

The Stratosphere Poker Room is home to the Ace Play Club, which rewards members with points for real money poker play. Based on the number of points they earn, players will be showered with a variety of benefits that they can utilize at the property. Players who want a break from poker will also find a lot of other action at the Stratosphere including slots and video poker along with a wide range of non-gaming entertainment.

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