Adam Pliska to lead Word Poker Tour for four more years

The World Poker Tour will for the next four year remain under the leadership of Adam Pliska; the current CEO. This was announced by the company after Pliska agreed to a four-year extension with the mother company Ourgame International Holdings, Limited. Pliska said that he was privileged to continue leading the company. He looks forward to continuing building on successful strategies that have made it possible for WPT to continue raising the bar in the industry.

Pliska was first assigned to lead the company in 2009 but he started working for the company in 2003. He has continued to steer the company in the right direction even in turbulent moments like Black Friday, as well as, through the alterations in their sponsorships. For such a company with huge television presence, that has been televised since 2003 these events could have been a huge blow but Pliska knew how best to contain them.

With Pliska being in the leadership, the company has grown to 70 events and it has a presence in more than 150 countries and in five continents. Since he is still in leadership, he will continue expanding the company which he mentioned in a press conference before the WPT Tournament of Champions final table last April where he outlined that WPT is aimed at multi-prolonged global growth. Since this time, he has had groundbreaking events in Japan, India and China which show that his vision is slowly coming to pass.

Another area where Pliska is focusing on is bringing in more players with lower stakes. The company has brought in WPTDeepStacks which came to be in 2017 where the main focus is to bring in players with buy-in levels of about $1000. Another subsidiary company is WPT500Series which has been a success with its events in UK and US.

Under the leadership of Pliska, we have seen the development of PlayWPT and ClubWPT where they have qualified more players for the WPT events and have spread the word on poker gaming to the social players across the globe. Pliska sees the world of social gaming as a commercial for the poker industry and pointed out that they were focusing on it to bring in more players and grow the game.

Their growth is on the right path thanks to collaborations with companies like Poker Central and Zygna. These partnerships have made growth easier thanks to making it possible for their players to gain benefits like the season-ending tournament of champions.

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