Poker News 19-07-2018

Bitcoin Cash is the new default for Blockchain Poker

Bitcoin cash is said to be the only true bitcoin and the functional cryptocurrency. Blockchain poker has made announcements that their application’s default currency will be Bitcoin BCH. This is a great way to show their players how amazing cryptocurrencies are.  When started out in 2015, BTC was supported in the platform but this ceased […]

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Poker News 29-06-2018

Somerset Poker Tag Team Living the Dream

The Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi might not have been thinking about poker when he said that individual commitment to a group’s effort propels a team to success, a society or company. One of the outstanding tag teams to join the event are the Somerset Poker team that started off its play at the […]

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PR 29-06-2018

4 Brilliant Themed Casinos that someone needs to make!

You’ve got a hefty bankroll to play with and need to choose a casino: Do you go with the old, traditional gold lined casino or do you walk in to that huge edifice modelled on an ancient Roman palace? There are two ways to look at a themed casino. Either you’ve got a brilliantly unique […]

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Poker News 25-06-2018

Guillaume From Canada earns another title

Canadian Poker player Guillaume also known as nolet20 in the poker world has another title in his resume which he added on June 3rd when he emerged as the top in the PartyPoker KO series $500k Gtd Championship Event. Nolet has been doing great and he can brag about victories he has had in PokerStars […]

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Poker News 19-06-2018

What Poker Players can Learn from Behavioral Economics Theory

Investing on Wall Street and playing poker are fairly similar occupations. Both have unpredictable outcomes, both have an element of risk, and both involve making a series of decisions. Despite the variables, it is often the case that the same investors make money time and time again. Likewise, good poker players also show a profit […]

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Poker News 16-06-2018

Bitcoin fuels a new breed of gambling addicts

Doctors are now warning that cyptocurrency is a form of high stakes gambling that has the potential of consuming the participants. They are saying that online trading of the cryptocurrency is a new form of gambling.  Dr. Mark Griffiths who is a professor in behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University said that the addictions were […]

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Poker News 14-06-2018

Poker Legend Doyle Brunson returns to WSOP

Poker Legend Doyle Brunson returned to the WSOP and talked about, poker, family, life and Texas. He has come back to the World Series of Poker to take part in the $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship. Brunson is considered as the elder statesman of poker and his significance to the game cannot be taken […]

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Poker News 13-06-2018

Swiss Voters have overwhelmingly chosen to legalize online gambling

Switzerland has chosen to allow online casinos through their newly approved law that intends to keep foreign operations from operating in their territory. The Swiss overwhelmingly voted surpassing earlier polls. This is a measure that has already been approved in parliament to legalize Swiss casino that have been certified. With their current move, Internet providers […]

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Poker News 05-06-2018

Nominations for 2018 Poker Hall of Fame is now open

The nomination process for this years Poker Hall of Fame has just started, this lets fans of poker to make suggestions on who they think should be considered for inclusion. All you need to nominate is an email. This however, means if you have more than one email you can nominate more than one poker […]

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Gambling Tax
Poker News 24-05-2018

Do you have to pay tax on gambling winnings in the UK?

If you’re a gambler from America, the United Kingdom approach to casino winnings can look crazy. While in the States there’s a 25% tax on any winnings over a certain value, in the UK there’s no tax on winnings whatsoever. Whether you win on a pub fruit machine, playing with an online casino bonus, or […]

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