Poker News 27-05-2014

Is Poker a Safer Form of Gambling, Even for the Fish?

 report has come out from the University of Bergen, in Norway, which no doubt has a lot of pro-poker advocates in the U.S. feeling smug. While poker fans in the U.S. are trying to get their government to relax its anti-poker laws and achieving success in a few states in terms of legalizing internet poker, […]

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Poker News 24-05-2014

Where to watch the 2014 WSOP online: Full live stream schedule

The World Series of Poker has announced its schedule for events whose final tables will be available to watch live-streamed over the internet during the series. Approximately half of the events will be steamed on a 30-minute delay with hole cards visible and live commentary by David Tuchman, while the other half will form the […]

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Poker News 23-05-2014

Lessons in Poker: Hand Reading Part 6 Practice Hands

Now that I covered all the details, we are ready to look at some practice hands.  As you go through these, remember the process.  First you develop a general read by trying to eliminate or limit one of the general categories.  Then rebuild the hand from the beginning using all the clues along the way […]

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Poker News 22-05-2014

What are the odds? PFO advice for betting on the Big One for One Drop

The Big One for One Drop sounds like a lot of fun, but let’s face it, most of us don’t have the spare million to play in it. Even Doyle Brunson has declared it out of his range, so where does that leave the rest of us? Well, fortunately, even if you can’t gamble in […]

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Poker News 18-05-2014

Lessons in Poker: Hand Reading Part 5 Poker Tells

Understanding poker tells is an important tool in hand reading.  It is the presence of these tells that help us to narrow down ranges.  Each tell is a clue to help us put the puzzle together. In general there are categories of tells.  Betting patterns, bet sizing tells, timing tells – both live and online, […]

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Poker News 16-05-2014

Mike Matusow biopic based on “Check Raising the Devil” book in the works

1984 Private Defense Contractors – actually a film production company, despite its name – has announced that it has acquired the rights to create a film adaptation of Mike “the Mouth” Matusow’s autobiography, Check-Raising the Devil. If your first reaction to this news is “say what?” you’re not alone. Matusow is one of poker’s perennial […]

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Poker News 14-05-2014

PokerStars “Zoom” patent – legal trolling, or self-defence?

There has been a lot of news lately about PokerStars’ attempts to obtain a U.S. patent for their system of fast-fold poker, which they call Zoom. These efforts are clearly related to their possible re-entry into the U.S. market and had long met with failure. Just now, however, they have finally achieved success, and in […]

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Poker News 14-05-2014

8 newcomers amongst the 2014 Big One for One Drop lineup

Seats continue to fill for the sophomore edition of the Big One for One Drop, the high-rollingest event in all of poker, with its $1,000,000 buy-in. Several repeat appearances were confirmed early on, including 2012’s champion, Antonio Esfandiari; joining these are now eight new faces, some of them quite surprising. Vanessa Selbst is both the […]

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Poker News 10-05-2014

Lessons in Poker: Hand Reading Part 4 Developing Specific Reads

Now we are going to move on to the next step, how to turn your general read into a specific read.  To recap, we have learned to put our opponent’s on a general read of hand strength into three categories: monster hands; marginal or showdown hands; and air or draws.  Once we have the general […]

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Poker News 08-05-2014

Breakdown of the Commercial Intelligence NJ iGaming poll

A recent poll conducted by the group Commercial Intelligence gave us some new insights on New Jersey’s iGaming industry. The poll is from January, so some of the data will be dated, but it’s still important to break down some of the findings –At Thursday’s online gambling hearing in Pennsylvania a Commercial Intelligence rep stated […]

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