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What sports are you interested in?

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My 2 favourite sports are MMA and Football. Most online won't know this but I actually own a small MMA gym in Northern Ireland, hence why this is my main interest. But when it comes to football I struggle to follow my teams. Most football fans in Northern Ireland follow the English Premier league. However, with the teams i like to follow play in Scotland (Celtic and Kilmarnock). So i usually find it hard to talk or follow these teams. So over the years I have lost interest and slowly just became a follower of English football without actually having a team to follow.

What sports do you follow?

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i bet on soccer only

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I like cycling and football. Cycling lets me be competitive as I like to win and football because I used to play for my high school. I never miss any of the international games especially those from the English Premier league.

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Its football for life. We bet we win we lose till the end. I do bet.