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    Default River strategy, check-call or bet for value?

    $1/2 live, 9 handed. Loose passive table. I have about $500 to start the hand. I open to $10 utg with 44, I do so anticipating numerous callers, not likely to be 3bet. Essentially building a pot to set mine. Mp1, hj, co and button call. Pot now $53. Flop comes J 10 4 all hearts. I lead out $25 to see where I'm at and clear the air so to speak. Mp1 calls (also deep stacked), all others fold. Turn 6 of clubs. I bet $65 and he flats. River is the 8 of diamonds.
    My thoughts on the river: his possible hands that beat me would be Q9 with a heart draw or flopped a flush and is slow playing it. Worse hands would be two pair or a pair with an ace heart draw, or simply a missed heart draw. This guy is pretty loose so it's difficult to tell. I decide to check call to induce a bet from a bluff or worst hand, since he'll probably fold a pair or missed draw and save a little money when I am beat, rather than facing a difficult decision of a re-raise. What do you think about my logic on the river? Would you check-call or value bet?

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    Daniel Negreanu
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    I am a low limit donk but I like your line. You have gotten a lot of value out of KJ, AJ or such. It seems unlikely to get more on the river with a bet and draws will fold or make an ugly reraise.

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    stilll alive Beavis?
    See me playing $10/$20NL like it was play money


    Doberman: "but Sarge, isn't poker gambling and just luck?"
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