Foxwoods $1,100 2 day NLH. Day 2, 15 left out of 217 starters. 24 get paid so we're in the money.
I've been struggling for several hours after taking a couple of big hits.
I've got about 22 BB and get KK in middle position. it's folded to me and I raise 2.5BB, hoping for a raise so I can shove.
I just get 1 caller, a player who has been playing pretty solid and not getting out of line.
For some reason I've already decided to move all-in on any flop without an ace.
Flop comes 7TJ, I shove, player insta-calls and turns over 89 for the straight. Ouch!
So... Would you have just shoved preflop and been satisfied with blinds and antes?
Could you have gotten away from the hand post-flop, betting something like 7 BB and folding to a raise?