I was playing at a party last night with a bunch of friends. we were playing wild card poker, a game with little strategy and lots of luck. The dealer called out that mustaches and littles were wild (face cards with a mustache and the lowest card in your hand).

So after we opened and drew our cards, I ended up with Ace and king (mustached) of diamonds, 2 jacks with mustaches, and the queen of spades.

after all of the betting, I laid down my hand and declared a royal straight flush. my thinking was that the 3 wild mustached cards along with the ace gave me the first part of the royal, leaving the queen as my little. My logic was that the rank of the queen was meaningless in the hand and subjugated to the wild cards until they were played. once played, the queen became the little.

of course I got a lot of push back, and while some folks agreed with me, others perceived the queen as superior in rank to the jacks, in spite of their being wild first. a long discussion ensued, and did not get it resolved.

Anyone ever run across this, and if so, how did you resolve it? which argument would you have sided with?