Hi guys,

I've just watched this Derren Brown (famous UK hypnotist / mentalist) video where he turns an elderly woman who has never played poker before into a strong player in a week through reading facial expressions and a basic understanding of the rules of the game. If you haven't seen it, here is the link to the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-osZbxq4Mc

I play 1 - 2 cash games (live) quite regularly in the UK and am profitable (~8 per hour). I want to learn how to read facial expressions as I think this could give me an extra edge to my game.

To do this I want to do as Derren teaches in the video. He does the following:

1. Person A picks up a card, looks at it and says if the card is high (A - 9) or low (8 - 2) - this can be the truth or a bluff
2. Person B is looking at Person A and guesses if they are telling the truth or bluffing
3. Person A places the cards face down into 2 separate piles according to Person B's predictions
4. All the cards are checked at the end of the deck

The plan is to take it in turns to do this over Skype or in person if you live close by (SW London). Once we are good at this there is a more advanced way to learn the skill as shown on the video.

I'm looking for a few poker players who want to learn this with me. The players involved will need to know how to play poker reasonably well and be able to Skype.

If you're interested please get in touch on the comments or shoot me an email at jamesrcparker+poker@gmail.com.

Also, if you've done this before and want to share the benefits / drawbacks or know any good techniques to help learn please share