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Thread: Too Early?

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    Default Too Early?

    2nd hand of monthly FRIENDLY home poker game tournament (fairly fast blinds like PS sng). Stacks 1500 blinds 10/20. I open UTG+1 for my normal 75, it folds to button who hesitates but calls as does BB. BB is a bit splashy at times and button loves to bluff but both ok players. I am considered tight. Flop comes 10, 10, 2 rainbow. BB bets 100, I reraise to 300 with KK. To my surprise the button re-raises to 600. I see him re-raise like this before but not this early in tournament (and he has been trying to play tighter lately) and generally only when he is HU and esp not also against this paricular BB player. BB folds. Against this villain I know I cannot just call. It is either push or fold. I really do not think he bluffs in this situation but he is capable. I fold. I guess it is ok as I eventually won the tournament anyway. I know in a cash game I wld have pushed against him, but opinions as to whether I should have here or not?
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