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    Default ATo automatic push with ten BB?

    Hi folks! New member here. For my first post I'd like some feedback on a hand that's bugged me for years now.
    Jump in your WABAC machine and go back to 2003 and the inaugural edition of the WPT at Foxwoods 10K main event. Yes, that's me at the final table with Phil Ivey, Andy Block, Howard Lederer, among others. (The final table started with 10 players, I didn't make the TV cut)
    The shortest stack quickly busted out so now I am short stack (10BB) with 9 players left. Ivey opens for about 3BB from UTG with a big stack. I'm middle position with AT offsuit. I was sitting on Phil's left for a couple of hours earlier and watched him frequently raise if first in and then usually fold if reraised.
    call, push, or fold and wait for a better spot?
    I chose to push. He hesitated and then called turning over AK. My heart sank. The flop was ATx. My heart soared!
    The turn was a K. No miracle T on the river and I'm gone.
    Any way I can avoid this?

    Disclaimer: There were only 89 starters that first year, but still...
    I won my seat in a satellite and then chopped for 5K cash in the same satellite the next night to for the trip home to hawaii and back to CT two weeks later for the final.


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    Position! There's a difference in ranges when a LAG opens from middle and late position compared to when they open from early position. Just because they are LAGs does not mean they don't understand and respect position. I wouldn't attack an early position raise with a weak hand like this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Little View Post
    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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