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    Default How would you play this hand?**

    I am playing in a $200.00 tournament with 13 people left. Top 9 get paid.

    -7 people at my table. 6 at the other.

    My stack 40,000
    Blinds: BB-$2000 SB-$1000 Ante-$400.

    UTG- I get 6c6h
    Raise to 6,000.

    TAG (60,000 in chips) calls from middle position-(Lee Childs)-made a final table a few years back.
    Big Blind calls as well (about 70,000 in chips). BB is sort of loose and likes to see flops.

    Total POT: about $21,800.

    Flop: 10c 7c 2c

    I push for roughly $33,000 and change.
    TAG-folds (Lee Childs)
    BB tanks for about 2 minutes and calls with J-10 to bust me.

    Looking back obviously the push is a huge mistake. Betting a small amount here would give me the same information in most cases. I could even check.

    The question is how would you have played this hand differently?

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    I think folding from early position with small pairs in bubble situations is perfectly fine. I tend to raise to 4500 or so in this spot, but larger is probably fine with this exact hand.

    On the flop, I would either bet small or check. Pushing is likely the worst play because it forces your opponents to play perfectly.

    So, I would have folded pre or made it 4500 then if called, I would usually check fold this flop or bet 5000 then give up to any action.

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    Don't like the raise as 66 is very difficult to play post flop especially with multiple callers. Pushing is a bit much UTG with nearly 10 Big Blinds, though I think it's better than raising (unless the players will give you a lot of respect). I think folding is best pre-flop (but very dependent upon your image at the time). Given you raised, don't mind the push on the flop too much. It's very difficult for anyone to call without a 10 or bid club. BB had a very difficult call especially without a club in his hand.

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    1. This late in an MTT reduce your raise to min raise. At the most I would make it a min raise + an ante for a raise to 4,400.

    2. When you are opening for more, your range needs to be tighter. In this hand you are betting 6k to win 5.8k. So you need to have the best hand over 50% of the time to warrant a raise of this sizing, if we were far from ICM implications.

    3. The ICM factor at this point is probably somewhere around 1.5:1. Which means that each chips you lose will be worth 50% more than the value of each chip you win.

    4. Taking ICM into account your break even point is 61%. That means that the bottom hand of your value range should be the best hand at least 61% of the time. What that means, is your lowest hand in your value range is the top 7.5% of all hands. (0.925 * 0.925 * 0.925 *0.925 * 0.925 * 0.925 = 0.626 is how I came to that conclusion.)

    5. The top 7.5% of hands is 88+, ATs+, AJ+, and KQs. That represents your value range for 3x at this stage from your position.

    6. Should you or do you need a bluff range here? In a $200 MTT where players are generally playing level 1 poker and not paying attention, you have little need to balance your range. In fact to some of them, raising with AK represents a bluff. "You don't even have a pair yet." Additionally, they call too frequently, making bluffs less profitable.

    7. If you lower your raise sizing to a min raise with the ICM implications, the bottom hand of your value range has to be the best hand 51% of the time. This will increase your value range to the top 10.5% of all hands. Your value range is now: 77+, A9s+, AJ+, KTs+, KQ, and QJs. As you see, lowering your raise size allows you to expand your range.

    8. As stated before, for a 3x raise, 66 is an easy fold.

    9. In a multi-way pot on this flop, 66 is barely a marginal hand, your shove is turning it into a bluff. I would probably check the flop and give up to any show of aggression. Losing chips right now hurts too much compared to the little value you gain by picking up this pot. Remember the ICM factor is roughly 1.5:1. In essence shoving 33k in chips is the value of shoving 49k worth of chips to win 21k. Just not good odds in a multi-way pot. You need to be right over 70% of the time and odds are someone has you beat already more than 30% of the time (or has 36%+ equity against your hand).
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Little View Post
    I typed out a nice long reply then I realized it said almost the exact same thing as jjpregler said right above me.

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    Honestly, I find it hard to fold pocket pairs, but this late in a tournament I may be tempted so nothing like this has the chance of happening.

    If I had called pre-flop, I would be checking/min-raising just to get a bit more information. He goes over the top or bets, a fold would be a good lay down as you're only beating a bluff really.

    Ul though, it's all easy said and done in hindsight, bit more difficult when you're actually in the situation.

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    Thanks for the responses! It was for sure a learning moment for me. Since I played some other tournaments and had some cashes and haven't made the same mistake.

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    Yep. That's what I'm trying to do too... make better mistakes next time!

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    Its a great post..there is much more to learn here.

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    I will bet!

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