1. Issues w/ pasting HHs, text in general, imgur bbcodes, pretty much anything... most of the time.
I never have these issues on any other sites or forums. I have a new Logitech keyboard. I can paste the copied texts to my email, notepad, etc. but not here.

2. If I type too fast, many letters will be missing causing a ton of typos. Again, this only happens on FTT. I can type 60+ WPM on any other website and not be missing letters. If I do miss letters, its human error, not here.

3. When I highlight my post now, it's constantly flashing... I don't know if this is the auto-save feature but something is definitely causing problems and it's really annoying for me to even type this short post since typing at normal speeds will cause letters to be missing when I'm clearly hitting these keys. Sometimes I have to hit the period/backspace and other keys multiple times to complete a basic like ending a sentence. I can't even 2x click a word to highlight it so I can copy it or delete it. I only have these issues on this website. It's just not easy to use and deal with it. Even holding shift to capitalize a letter can take 3+ tries.

I'm on an ASUS laptop, win 7. Please help me fix this if possible. This is the reason I don't post here as much as I want to. This post took me 10-15+ minutes to type and I'm efficient at it. I've been dealing w/ these issues for about a year and can't take it anymore... I have to speak up. Anyone else have these issues?