First let me give a little background on myself. I have an extremely addictive personality. I have multiple addictions, for example I drink a pot or two of coffee a day, I use to abuse alcohol, I smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day, I put an extremely hot hot sauce into my salsa because I like the euphoric rush I get from eating something extremely hot, I like to live life on the edge, I use to be into quarter mile drag racing because ultimately I'm an adrenaline junkie, and I currently have a gambling addiction but one that doesn't cost me any money, only time as I only play poker and only play off the money I've won from other poker players and have turned $30 into a small fortune over the course of several years of playing it.

I play crap tons of online poker. I'm not super successful at it or derive any kind of income from it, but if I'm not playing games like Skyrim or COH2, or playing with my pet hamsters, I'm gambling and playing online poker. I have software, I've read about 10 poker books, occasionally I get coached by professional poker players, I'm on a few poker forums, I've twitch streamed me playing poker a few dozen times and the game always fascinates me as it really stimulates my brain when I'm critically thinking about what's going on at the tables when I'm in a hand, I'm always looking to improve, and there's always the potential to make money at it, oh and I've spent close to $300 in software for when I'm playing poker at the tables.

So here's the deal, my grandparents are of the WWII generation in their 90's. My aunt and uncle live near by and are in their late 50's, early 60's. They're not computer enthusiasts , in fact I don't even think their PC gets ANY use until I came over. But they think that horrible things can happen through the PC through me playing online poker on their PC. Some guy once told them their computer got hacked, I don't know how because it functions fine to me, and they've been scared of all things computer related. They probably think me just using their computer to get on the forum opens them up to the huge financial risk of losing everything they've ever earned because I'm using a computer with an internet connection, and they have made it abundantly clear now since my Aunt has told them that by me playing online poker on their computer they can face financial ruin through some hacker getting a hold of their information through the computer from me logging onto my poker account.

They don't give a damn what this forum says, you could be the head of hacker security for the NSA or FBI on this forum, and they will maintain I can not use their PC for ANYTHING but some surfing of the internet, I practically had to negotiate just using the computer to write this forum post so long as it wasn't me playing poker since my Aunt has now scared my grandparents into thinking I am going to cause them to get swindled through my use of their computer because it got "hacked".

I don't understand why you would even have a PC in your house if you were so terrified of financial ruin through it, and then by me downloading Bovada, a world renowned poker site, and Holdem Manager 2, a well known poker software program that all the professionals use including my poker coaches, that this exposes them to being swindled.

Basically I am now forced to buy a laptop I don't want to own if I want to have any form of entertainment on this trip, my addictive personality will not put up with no forms of entertainment (I so despise being bored, if I hypothetically were holed up in solitary confinement in a prison I've already decided I would ram my head into the concrete wall until I bled out) beyond a computer that I have to negotiate if I can use it's internet to log on to which sites and no poker. I am going to be burning through cigarettes tonight to pass the time since poker is no longer an option which btw they are also against (they've been health nuts for decades who despise unhealthy habits like smoking, I don't mind their criticism of my smoking because it's just something I'm use to putting up with from my loved ones).

I'm probably going to buy the laptop at best buy, download the poker software and poker site so I can play poker whenever my need for gambling arises, and when I get back to Tucson, delete everything I downloaded that's poker related, clear the hard drive or reformat it, and drop it back off at best buy with receipt in hand, pay the restocking fee and get my money back. THe only laptop that I want that's capable of playing the games in my massive games library such as Witcher III and GTA V on full settings is probably an Alienware 18 since I like to have as large of a screen as possible, but I can't afford an Alienware 18 at the moment. until then I would play on some bare bones minimum laptop only for the purposes of poker, poker software and keeping me entertained on this trip since most laptop's I would find at best buy for $500 or less, do not have the screen size and the GPU capacity to play games like Witcher III and GTA V.

Just curious about what the forum thinks, you people are nice people, if I'm playing poker on my grandparents PC, what kind of financial risk am I exposing them to? How would a hacker use the information from me utilizing an online poker software program to use to swindle my grandparents out of their retirement income? Are they being better safe than sorry? Or are my grandparents and Aunt just being extremely paranoid because of the horrible things the media has portrayed that can happen if anyone uses or downloads anything on a PC with an internet connection?