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    Default BAP All action on Ipoker for a week

    My name is Ben Smith aka machine1984 on stars, TheMachine1984 on Full Tilt and Machine2k14 on Ipoker. I have been playing poker for around 11 years, 9 of which have been seriously.

    This BAP will be for the following Ipoker MTTs and these only for one week after the bap starting: (with buy ins below)

    NL Hold 'em 2.20-4.40 Freezeouts

    NL Hold 'em 1.10-3.30 Rebuys

    I will play any game listed above within the 2.20 to 4.40 threshold. Turbos, normal speed and slow. I prefer slower blinds and more play.

    I am very meticulous about bankroll management and will be here to so the roll will be 70 buy ins. If the bankroll is larger i will post here about here and we can discuss whether to add larger buy ins.

    I intend to play around 100 MTTs during this time. These will start as soon as this BAP is sold out.

    Total buy-ins: 70 buy ins x 4.40= 308 but i will round this down for the sake of the stake to 300

    1 share(3 Euros)= 0.7%

    100 shares for sale

    All buy ins are Euros on Ipoker(Coral) and i will include my 50% rakeback in this BAP



    Will include Holdem Manager screenshot with result at the end of each day and a screenshot of the cashier.



    I have been a member of PFO for 2 years. I have some BAPs from PTP here http://forum.parttimepoker.com/buy-p...ty-closed.html I am a co-host for low limit futbol which is a partner to low limit poker which has been here for yonks. There are lots of people who will also vouch for me, including Collin moshman from my time with Team Moshman.

    I will also offer an escrow on this bap.


    Why me?

    I am mostly a low stakes player and have experience in nearly all NLHE disciplines.

    I currently multi table 5-10 euro buy in mtts on Ipoker.

    I am a winning player in SNGs, MTTs and Cash. I started playing SNGs when i first got into playing poker seriously which was about 9 years ago and i was a regular at the $22 9 man SNGs before i decided i would divert into cash games. I then was a regular at NL50 full ring cash games which i was beating very consistently until i decided i would move to 6 max for the higher winrates. I feel this background of SNGs and cash games gave me a great base to beat MTTs as the mix of deep stack play and ICM is the obvious key to beating MTTs in the long term also i felt cash games developed my hand reading beyond that of people that have played MTTs exclusively. I spent 3 years with Team Moshman playing exclusively SNG 9 mans up until about a year ago where i went alone to earn more. Since then i have taken up excusively MTTs and have improved my game signifacantly through many sources, including this board.

    My SNG results are 7% roi over 9000 on Stars. I Have a 60% roi at MTTs over a 1000 or so and am beating them comfortably.

    I think it is clear that I am a winning player. The reason i am advertising this BAP is the fact that i would like to play festivals in future and sell my action here(up to $22 buy in) and i would like to build up trust.


    Cut + Cake

    70/30 to the staker + cake.


    Random notes:

    I am around the forums alot, so you can pm me or ask questions here.

    I have skype in my profile which you can also contact me about.

    I will only be playing games from this stake, I will be focused 100%. I will only multi table up to 6 tables.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the means i have listed above.


    I must receive your money before the first MTT starts.

    Ship to:

    Paypal- Contact me
    Machine1984The- account on Coral





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