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    Default Back to Business... My love/hate relationship with online poker continues.

    I used to play the 6-max $6.50-$11.00 turbo SNGs daily on AP. I played all day/weekly all of 2010 and 2011 until the site finally went down in May of 2011. I made a decent profit back then and held an ROI around 11%. After Black Friday, I pretty much stopped playing poker. Some home games every now and then, but not much. Back then I was strictly a SNG player. Never really played MTTs too often, but I did from time to time.

    Anyways, up until about a month ago I didn't even realize US players could play for real money online, but last month I came across a few different sites that allow US players. Since then I've played nothing but MTTs.

    For the first 3 weeks it seemed like I was final tabling everything. In the past month in MTTs ranging from 80-200 man - $6-$40 buy ins, I have 4 first place victories, 4 second place victories, and numerous other FT finishes.

    This is on 2 different sites, but I'm finding that the structure on one of said sites isn't really for me. I don't like the whole RE ENTRY option for 2 hours and 20 mins... It allows me to spend far too much per tournament if I'm running bad, which seems to be a lot in MTTs. The other site is smaller, and I pretty much play every tournament they offer on the weekends and after work. I've put in a lot of hours the past month.

    I've successfully cashed out $1800 from the main site I play on, and I have another $500 still pending on the another site, all since the 22nd of last month.

    It feels good honestly, but I feel like I've made some stupid choices that have cost me other potential big money winnings. I'm really looking to better my game all around, but I also don't want to make my game worse by trying new things.

    It's been right around 4/5 weeks since I started putting the hours in, but I'm questing myself a lot this past week, and I think it's affecting my game. I also currently work a shitty office job, and knowing that I can make money playing poker has me thinking I could take some time off and look for a better job, while playing poker until I find that better/closer job...

    I know it's risky, but I know fellow poker players might understand...

    I know I'll keep winning, I've been a winning poker player for a long time, and I don't see how that could possibly change...

    I' really excited to be playing online poker again. I love it. It's all I think about and I feel alive again, for the first time, in a long time.

    I'm curious to know what people think about the whole online poker thing in general? Will it be legal soon? Could the sites I'm currently playing on go down at any moment? Are there others on this forum that currently play for a living online? Specifically in the US?

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