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    Default The "Stupid Complex"

    One of the biggest problems I have had in online poker is developing my bank roll. Yes I think that is a problem many of us have had. When starting a bankroll from a small investment or from freerolls you run across the same problems. I can this problem the "stupid complex" too many poker players (the vast majority) suffer from this. They treat online poker for low stakes and freerolls like it was zygna poker or another no money site. Which causes them to play anything at anytime. making "Stupid calls" even chris ferguson had a problem getting started with his 10k challenge because this "stupid complex"

    unfortunately I do not have a solution for the "stupid" involved with these players but I can offer advice on how to handle these players.
    1) Don't let these players affect your game. Take the bad beats from stupid with stride. Stay on your Game, even though its online poker they can still get into your head and make you call a mediocre hand believing they are still being stupid when they actually have power.
    2) Play fewer hands and only call power plays that fit in the top 10% of starting hands. If you're less than 20 big blinds drop that to the top 5%
    3) Don't discard a medium power hand when you have a strategic position "IF" there are many callers to a big raise. That will tell you one of two things has happened Lots of royals and aces are in hands or medium to high pocket pairs. Suited connectors and mid ranged hands can generate a big winning in this situation
    4) Regret folding before you Regret calling. This is important at any level or stage of poker play. This is especially important in a tournament when your close to the bubble. First if your large stack you don't want to double up a small stack. If your the small stack you don't want to be taken out before the pop into the paid zone.
    5) Join a rakeback program it will build your bankroll for you based off your winnings. In essence its free money to play with. This particular site not only gives you rakeback from your winnings but you will get 4% from your referrals but you also get 2% from the people they refer which gives you chances to build a huge bankroll to play with quickly. It is the highest paying Rakeback on the web. It also has the largest network of poker sites to offer a rakeback to it. So you can probably find all the sites you play on this site for rakeback.

    Hope this helps you in dealing with the "Stupid Complex" and gets your bankroll to grow. See you at the tables

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    There are many problems with this advice. Not least among them the idea that it is the stupidity of your opponents that is defeating you. If they're beating you in the long run, then they are not in fact playing worse than you.

    Anyway, attempting to avoid bad beats is not the way to beat these players. You have to accept that playing against loose players is going to be high variance, and not sweat it when you lose a pot.

    Your advice about playing tighter when your stack gets shorter is the opposite of good play. Your requirements for stacking off should decline the shorter you are. If you 3-bet all-in with AT for 20 BB and get called by K9 and lose, that is not a play to regret, as you got your money in good.

    Another thing that I'd add (in line with (4), which along with (1) is probably the only really good advice here) is not to assume that players are playing loose postflop simply because they've shown down bad preflop hands. Many microstakes players like to see every flop they can, but proceed very straightforwardly postflop. Unless you have evidence to the contrary, you can usually assume that an aggressive act postflop from a microstakes player indicates that they have top pair or better. Don't pay them off.
    Quote Originally Posted by pikachar
    Honestly didn t read OP I just got to say xopods is right on the money
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xopods View Post
    Anyway, attempting to avoid bad beats is not the way to beat these players. You have to accept that playing against loose players is going to be high variance, and not sweat it when you lose a pot.
    Let's talk Allen Kessler Syndrome... If you get it in with the best expect to be beaten by rags... It's poker, simple right?

    Honestly I'll deal some "bad beats" from time to time, but now of days when my roll gets dinged i don't get mad... in fact i get happy, since I know that in the LONG RUN 80/20 i'll be talking more chips than I lose. When it's 55/45 or less well... coin flip.

    Honestly didn't read OP... I just got to say xopods is right on the money.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R View Post
    I might turn this into my signature
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Little View Post
    I agree with jj. It depends a lot on what you expect your opponents to do.

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