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    Default What computer games do you play?

    With GTA5 just released and Fifa 14 out very soon, I am just wondering what computer games people play and on what console you use?

    I am pretty much just a big kid, and have always been an xbox user, and will be purchasing the new xbox one as soon as that comes out. So be cool if other gamers here could link up and get a league going or something on a selected game. I would be very much up for a Fifa 14 league on the xbox, but open to other suggestions.

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    I have had an Xbox since the original and I have only played one sports game inthat entire time, which was a tiger woods pga. I currently play borderlands2 and the wsop full house poker game. I have a unique gamertag that was suggested by MS so I am keeping it
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    I have a Wii but rarely play as it takes up time I would rather be playing poker online.
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    I'm really an old-school gamer (read "game hipster" or "game snob")... I prefer board games to computer games, and computer games to console games, and in most cases, indie games to AAA games.

    These days I'm playing Brogue. It's really very good despite the super old-school ASCII graphics. Imagine Diablo crossed with chess.

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    I don't play computer games much. I'm currently playing The Witcher 3. Also I play casual games like Haunted Hotel or The Lost Lands from time to time.

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