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    Default Ghosts around a fantom table, playing with a magic deck

    What I did all these days?
    ("madbetty" I will reply you till the end of the week)

    First, I sent a short e-mail to Action Poker and Playsafe Holding AS (Sandefjord, Norway) - the software provider of Chico/Action Poker Network, explaining them the error and telling them that OnGame already repaired its own:
    No answer followed. They are not to reply, but to steal your money.

    I told you that once they make so childish errors in their programs, than there will be extraordinary ones, too. And it happened too soon. Unbelievable, unhuman, exoteric, from the world of the deads! If till now I played "Hands-up with myself", this time I did the middle part of a tourney with "Ghosts around a phantom table, playing with a magic deck"! (Alternative name - Tunnel in a poker tournament.) In the middle of a tourney I was seated on a strange table, where all players had the stacks of 1000 chips, which we started with. No one made an action ever. And I scooped, just calling, all their stacks, blind by blind, whithout a sole bid from their part, for about 25 minutes. Next I resumed the normal flow of the tournament.

    Follows (I am 'aek54') my e-mail to PlaySafe and ActionPoker (leaving all the typos:-) with the attachments doubled with direct links:


    Subject: One more Software omission
    From: Todor Petrov (ael54@yahoo.com)
    To: info@playsafe.net; support@actionpoker.com; 123@gmail.com; 456@gmail.com;
    Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014 3:09 AM


    Something very strange happed yesterday at ActionPoker.com Tournament #5038402, $0.50 NL [R+A] $50 GT

    ------------Tournament Details:---------------
    Buy-In: $0.50+$0.05 or $55 Promo$
    Number of players: 92
    Total Prize Pool: -
    Tournament started: 01/09/14 at 22:11:13 EST
    Tournament ended: 01/10/14 at 01:08:29 EST

    Somewhere at the 30th minute from the beginning of the tourney a message like "Connection failed. Wait to reconnect." was displayed on my table. I waited some time, but as all my other IP applications worked normally I closed the Action Poker client and restarted it. I was automatically seated on a very strange table - all the players were with the same starting stack of 1000 chips. Me too had 1000 chips, despite the fact that I had already far more chips before the rupture. I was on the button and all passed to me. Without any resistance I won. Also without any bid I won from the 'cut-off'. Oh? What happens here? The first round I scooped all the blinds - attachment 'Action 1 start.jpg'.
    (All the atts are aranged alfabetically and also have some description in the name, as here "start".) Here is my position in the lobby, seventh - 'Action Lobby 00 start.jpg'
    (the times are EET - UTC+02:00). I continued this "interesting" game. Here I already got half of their stacks - 'Action 2 .jpg'
    and 'Action Lobby 0a .jpg'.
    Next came time for busting - 'Action 3 bust.jpg'.
    The first living human that appered amongst these ghosts was "hydrorbust" (I can imagine his astonishment, seeing all this striped to the skin gang, standing silently and guiltily before a new rising poker guru :-) - 'Action 4 hydrorbust.jpg'
    , to the far right, and - 'Action Lobby 0b hydrorbust .jpg'
    (I am third. he 8th). Next I am reseated on a normal table - 'Action 5 reseated .jpg'.
    After all leaders rebought, me do the same - 'Action Lobby 0c after rebuy .jpg'.
    Just for information - the final table was not so lucky for me, I burst 6th (the 5th bust the same hand) after having the best hand from the pockets to the river - 'Action Lobby 0d completed.jpg'.
    The attachments can be seen also in the folder

    What is that? That is "Ghosts around a fantom table, playing with a magic deck"! I can not believe that these were nine sitters-out that played more than half an hour and balanced their inital 1000 chips stacks all that time. These were dead men, ghosts picked from amongst the busted players, I suppose. The table is phantom, because real one can not exits so long, leaving a seat just for me so long a time. It is phantom also, because it is not needed - the bidings go in the air. It is not needed even for the blind cards - the blinders just can hold them in their hands. Also it swalloved my stack, without leaving any sign. Yes, I could scoop the "crumbs", but had not the possibility to double, even triple up, or to make, not a big, but a simple pot :-) The deck is magic, because every card in it is a wining one... for me.

    Dear Sirs from Playsafe Holding AS (Sandefjord, Norway),
    I would like you to explain me what happens on your tables. Is THIS the "safe-play", according to your views?

    Also do I expect you, at last, to reply to my e-mail 'Software omission' from January 2, 2014. Here can it be found:
    That omission I named "Hands-up with myself".

    I wish you beneficial work, because the issue is not at all simple and easy. Many time had I lost connection only to Action Poker but recovered normally. I have not the slightest idea what your software does.

    Best Regargs,

    Тодор Петров
    София, България


    What would follow if that was happened near the end of a big tournament, where the stack are hundreds of thousands, even millions, and you, from 4th place, are returned to a "ghost table" with the starting stack of 3-5000 chips? And the buy-in is $1,000 or $10,000...

    For now I had not asked them for my Hand History. I am waiting them first to reply me, which will not happen, as I evaluate the situation. Also I am curious about your, the Forum's reaction, despite that I'm lone wolf.

    The next day a minor error occurred at Action Poker - they do not disable the "Take your seat" button after you are busted. My e-mail to them at:
    That does not harm - displays a strange window, which can not be closed normally. That causes some burden and discomfort, and for sure hardens the filling that this software is not reliable and secure and that its creators, be they "sculptors" or "woodchoppers", do not care too much about their work.
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    Default How to install an adware

    For a very long time I thought, if I am to detach the "Ghosts around a phantom table, playing with a magic deck" in a separate thread - something like "Networks, rooms, players and me", where to put many things that I consider useful. Do not expect me ever to post something like "How do you play these AA preflop". That will be, if realized, the history of my not at all easy experience with the online poker - "the poker jungle". It would be someting like "Hands-up with myself" - me looking at myself in the mirror.

    Instead, here I continue the topic of the poker software's errors.

    Please, tell me how, HOW that is possible? PacificPoker tryed to infect me with ADWARE/DirectDown.L on install:
    Bulgarian site
    English site

    Here is my letter to them:

    In practice some 7-8 months ago Ladbrokes Poker infected me on installing it with a very tough Adware (maybe it was QuickLink), passing it between my anti-viruses. That cost me a day, and the reading of at least 20 related with the problem sites.
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    Why do you keep going to the "smaller' sites? Get on to the more reliable sites where it seems problems are few and far between. I have no issues with pokerstars except for my connection but thats probably got to do with the country I'm in.

    I have also experience these so called ghost (sitting out) players but they tend to mostly be in the freerolls and not where they have paid money. Perhaps those sites have connection issues for the players and then its just like getting free chips and you should just grab as many as you can while you can, keep chipping up untill they bust out and move you to a table where live players are present. It can be possible that after x rounds and the full table was sitting out that they would all have the full tally of chips as bb always wins the sb and so on. so you go up a sb then lose a sb so you back to your starting stack and untill the table gets broken up that will be the story every hand.

    Maybe you must stop looking for conspiricies and just play poker, much more fun

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    PS I have been running my computer without an antivirus for years with no problems, last time I had an antivirus was Kaspersky (thought to be of the best) and I only had problems, and when the paid period ran out it was like they self installed virusses. I had it all removed including Kaspersky and havnt had problems again. Obviously if you going to visit dodgy sites like free porn or so then you looking for trouble but windows on its own runs a decent setup and if you upgrade once a month or so it has its own warning systems wich seem to be doing the job just fine for me, tells you when a site wants to access your computer and if you cant trust the site. Just close that site and keep clearing cookies daily.

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    it's happening sometimes dude... chill out, everything's gonna be okay.

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