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Thread: Gambling

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    The CFB spreads can be pretty ridiculous, but yeah, I do both. During the season, I place about 5 $50 bets each week in each of the 2. CFB gets pretty hard actually because of those spreads, but there are so many games that it's on the same level. Betting OU's are great bets.
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    Actually the lines are drawn to create an even amount of betting on both sides, not to actually handicap the game. this is why Alex is right about sportsbetting being lucrative if you know what you are doing.

    Vegas or the oddsmakers do not care that the experts say team XXX will beat team YYY by AAA points, they want the betting to be as close to even on both sides tso they cannot lose and simply collect the vig from the losing 50%. no bookie no matter how strong his convictions on the outcome whats 1 sided betting, and most lay it off to another bookie when this happens.
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    Is anyone still betting on this community? I'd like to know where you play like for Poker.

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    I play on PokerStars and Full Tilt. I think Betfair is best for any other form of Gambling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    CFB is definitely more profitable (or has the possibility for greater profit) than the NFL in my opinion. Betting on the NFL draws way more money last I heard so the linesmakers focus there first when fixing odds. Plus, the sheer number of CFB games allows for more inaccuracies to occur when fixing the line...everyone hears if there's a starting lineup change for the Indianapolis Colts, very few people realize if Texas-El Paso has to start five reserve players because of a viral outbreak or something. Little stuff like this sometimes flies below the radar on CFB lines and waits to be discovered during the season.
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