Top 10 Scandinavian Poker Sites

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that consists of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden although some people include Finland and Iceland in the mix. The area is famous for its beautiful landscape which features snow-capped peaks and deep fjords. People that live in Scandinavian countries are among the happiest people on Earth despite the fact that they must endure long winters and summers that would never be described as tropical.

Scandinavians spend their free time engaging in all sorts of pastimes and gambling has always been one of them. While the lottery, slot machines and horse racing continue to be a popular pastime, poker has emerged as one of the favorite activities of Scandinavians in recent times. This is especially true since launch of the internet made it possible for Scandinavian poker players to play their favorite games online.


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Of course, each Scandinavian country has their own laws that govern gambling and poker but those laws are generally rather liberal and this is partly responsible for the poker boom that has taken place in the region. Denmark has produced its share of great poker players over the years. Mads Anderson, Peter Eastgate, and Jesper Hougaard are just a few of the heavyweights that hail from Denmark. Perhaps the most famous Danish poker player is Gus Hansen who has captured three WPT titles and a WSOP bracelet among other things. 

There are many aspiring Danish poker players who are looking to duplicate Hansen’s success and they have plenty of opportunities to hone their game with so many highly-rated poker sites available for them to play at. State-owned Danske Spil held a monopoly on gambling in Denmark up until 2012 when the government decided to grant licenses to foreign operators. 

Now, Danish poker players have access to some of the most reputable poker sites in the industry and the overall gambling market has grown at an incredible rate. Online poker players in Denmark enjoy a high level of player protection as the government keeps a close eye on operations and have blacklisted several illegal sites.

Moving north, we enter Norway which is home to poker pros such as Felix Vincent Stephenson, Thor Hansen, and Annette Obrestad who has over $4 million in career prize money till date. Unlike Denmark, Norway’s gambling laws are not as friendly especially when it comes to online poker. Norsk Ristoko and Norsk Tipping are the two state-owned agencies that hold a monopoly on betting. Currently, playing poker in Norway is forbidden and this extends to online poker and even home games although there have been recent rumors that indicate that the government is about to relax these rules.

These laws have done little to stop Norwegians from participating in online poker as authorities seem helpless to stop them. As it stands, Norwegian poker players have access to a lot of reputable poker sites that gladly welcome them. Even though the government prefers that people wouldn’t do it, they really do nothing to interfere which means that Norwegian poker players can continue playing online with little fear of repercussions.

The Swedish poker scene is about to experience a shift as the monopoly that state-owned Svenska Spel has held for years is about to end. It was about five years ago that the EU Commission ruled that Sweden must change their gambling laws because they contravened EU law. The Swedish government put up a fight but finally agreed to abide by the ruling in 2018. As of January 1, 2019, foreign operators will be allowed to obtain licenses and offer their products to Swedish residents. This is great news for Swedish online poker players who will be able to select from a large number of top-notch poker sites. 

In actuality, the decision to open up a regulated market in Sweden doesn’t have as big of an impact as many might think as Swedish online poker players have ignored the rules for years and sites like PokerStars, 888poker, and Partypoker have been offering their services to the Swedish market for years. Still, the small risk that Swedish online poker players have been taking up until now will be reduced to zero risk as they will now be able to enjoy playing in a fully-regulated market.

It may be hard to believe, but Finland is the fifth-largest gambling nation on the planet. This is great news for the government as they maintain a monopoly on gambling in the country. However, that doesn’t mean that Finnish online poker players don’t have any other options. Even though there are strict laws in place that forbid foreign operators from advertising in Finland, there are no laws in place that make it illegal for Finnish residents to gamble at offshore sites.

It seems that the government will not interfere with those who elect to play poker at offshore sites as authorities do not monitor players and offshore sites are not blocked. The bottom line is that Finnish players can access almost any offshore poker site and play until their heart’s content without worrying about any consequences.

Our last stop on our Scandinavian poker tour takes us to Iceland which has some of the most stringent anti-gambling laws in all Scandinavian and Nordic countries. On the surface, all types of casino games including poker are banned but that hasn’t deterred Icelanders from seeking out legitimate online poker sites to play. 

It is estimated that around 76% of adult Icelanders gamble and a lot of it is done online. As of now, authorities pretty much turn a blind eye to online gambling activities including poker and they have yet to take steps to stop it. They do not monitor players, block financial transactions, nor do they block offshore sites that allow online poker players in Iceland to play their favorite games without any worries.

Even though some Scandinavian countries may appear to have strict anti-gambling laws on paper, the reality is that online poker players in the region are left alone and are able to play online whenever they want. The entire area represents a very profitable market and operators go to great lengths to attract Scandinavian players. There are loads of trusted industry leaders that offer excellent bonuses, a good variety of games, a wide range of instant deposit methods and hassle-free payouts. Let’s take a look at the 10 best online poker sites for Scandinavian players.

Best Scandinavian Poker Sites


200% up to $2500 currently have one of the fastest growing Online Poker sites. This is largely due to the popularity among US poker players as they find BetOnline Poker the most trustworthy brand in the current US poker market.


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Was once one of the powerhouses in the online poker world. However, in recent years it has feel from that status and now finds itself in the middle of the pack. Possibly due to poor promotions for its players.


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Party Poker is one of the most trusted online poker sites in the world. It has been the ideal location for beginners players to start their poker journey.


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FullTilt Poker was once the biggest challenge to the PokerStars crown for largest online poker site. A lot has happened since then, and now PokerStars and Fulltilt belong on the same network since Pokerstars bought them over. Personally I prefer PokerStars but today it really comes down to which graphics you prefer as both sites are pretty much the same today.


Partypoker is one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the industry and it’s been that way since the site was launched in 2001. Scandinavian online poker players have flocked to Partypoker for several reasons including the fact that the site sees such a high volume of traffic which means that players rarely have to wait to get into a game. 

Partypoker offers one of the largest selections of games that one can find and those games can be played with the smallest of stakes all the way up to high stakes. Cash players who don’t like waiting between hands will love Partypoker’s Fastforward tables where players are immediately sent to another table and given new cards after they finish a hand or fold.

There are very few online poker sites that offer as many regular tournaments with huge guaranteed cash prizes as Partypoker. Scandinavian online poker players who open a new account and make their first deposit will receive $22 worth of tournament tickets which will give them a shot at earning a seat in MILLIONS Online which boasts a guaranteed prize pool over $20 million. It might not be the most generous welcome bonus around but Partypoker’s ongoing promotions and special bonuses more than make up for it. 

Ultima Poker

It’s not easy for new online poker sites to quickly find success after they launch. With so many other poker sites saturating the online gambling market, new sites need to find a way to make themselves stand out above the competition and Ultima Poker has done exactly that. Scandinavian online poker players will be drawn to the fresh graphics and easy-to-navigate interface that looks great and runs smoothly on desktop or mobile devices.

A growing number of Scandinavian players are signing up and making instant deposits using the many instant deposit methods that are available including Bitcoin. Of course, Scandinavian players who open a new account and make their first deposit will be able to take advantage of one of the best welcome bonus packages on the internet.

Ultima Poker will match your first deposit by 400% up to $2,000. That means that a deposit of $50 will net you an extra $200 in bonus cash while $2,000 in bonus cash will be added to your account if you deposit $500. The bonus money is converted into real cash in $10 increments each time you clear $50 in rake. Customers who make subsequent deposits will also be rewarded with bonus cash with Ultima Poker’s Flash Bonus. 

GG Poker

Novice online poker players are sometimes hesitant to play for real money because they are afraid that they can be taken advantage of and lose all their money to professional online poker players. There’s no denying that there are loads of experienced players out there that prey on those who are not all that skilled. GG Poker is aware of this and they came up with a strict set of house rules to protect their customers from predatory players. 

GG Poker also focuses on the social aspect of poker and has been successful in creating a community feel to the site. However, there are a few more things that make this site appeal to online poker players of all skill sets. Aside from having a loyalty rewards program that rewards all players no matter how often they play or how much they bet, GG Poker has a very attractive welcome bonus package that will surely delight Scandinavian players who like to get all the added value they can get. 

Those who open a new account will have their first deposit matched by 200% up to $1,000. Tournament players can win a share of the $100,000 in cash that is awarded each month in the Tournament Leaderboard contest and GG Poker is currently giving away $100,000 worth of tournament tickets into GGS Main Events just for playing your favorite games. 

Unibet Poker

Unibet is among the most recognized and trusted names in the industry and they have achieved this by giving their customers what they want. A great selection of games and stakes, a steady schedule of regular weekly and monthly tournaments, and excellent customer service are just a few of the things that have made this site an industry leader. Unibet Poker doesn’t see as much traffic as some other sites but there are usually more than enough players at the table at any given time. In an attempt to lure more recreational players, Unibet has banned all poker tracking software and they allow players to regularly change their usernames which prevents them from being singled out by other players.

Another thing that attracts plenty of new players is the high number of freerolls that are regularly running. Scandinavian players who like to place the occasional sports bet will be rewarded with a free ticket into the €1,000 Sports Freeroll and those who like to play in cash games and sit & go tournaments can win some valuable prizes in Unibet’s King of Flips mini-game. A great poker experience and plenty of chances to win big cash prizes await Scandinavian players who sign up at Unibet.

Everest Poker

Everest Poker might not be the most recognizable name in the online poker industry but it has been operating since 2004 and continues to attract new players while retaining existing ones. Scandinavian players will appreciate that most of their languages are supported and they will like that Everest Poker is a part of the iPoker network which gives players access to a large player pool. Players also love the number of interesting promotions that Everest Poker runs. 

Scandinavian players who want fast action and a shot at big prizes are drawn to Everest Poker’s Twister Poker which is a three-handed sit & go tournament that has randomly drawn prize pools. Players battle it out for a cash prize which ranges anywhere between twice the buy-in all the way up to 1,000 times the buy-in.

A minimum buy-in of €1 could net you a €1,000 prize while the maximum buy-in of €50 could fatten your account by €50,000. Shasta Sit & Go tables are a great way to earn real money without risking anything. Get in on the first level for free and win your way up to the 6th level to win a €10 tournament ticket and a shot at a nice cash prize.

BetSafe Poker

There are already quite a few Scandinavian players who have been enjoying all of the perks that BetSafe has to offer. Be it on their desktop, mobile device or via instant play, BetSafe Poker’s graphics and user interface are among the best in the business and come with several options including the ability to change your poker alias. Many beginners have benefited greatly from the helpful tutorials and numerous freerolls that are available.

Quite naturally, Scandinavian players will be interested to know that they have a choice of cash bonuses to choose from when they open a new account. Upon making their first deposit using one of the many available payment options, players will receive a bonus ranging from €25 up to a maximum of €1,000 which will be transformed into real cash as they play. New players who make their first deposit will also be given 28 tournament tickets with additional tickets being awarded once they play at least 10 hands of Texas Hold’em for real cash.

Players will want to check out BetSafe Poker’s VIP Blackgold Rewards program through which they can exchange their loyalty points for cash. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual player who prefers micro stakes or a regular player who bets big, every VIP Blackgold Rewards member wins.


Bestpoker is another highly-rated site that is a part of the ever-growing GG Network. While the GG Network certainly focuses on the massive Asian market, Scandinavian online poker players have plenty of reasons to play at Bestpoker. The site offers loads of cash games, sit & go’s, and regular tournaments that suit all poker budgets. Bestpoker’s Run it Three Times, straddle bets, and All-In or Fold are a few of the more unique features that the site offers. Players will definitely like the graphics and they’ll appreciate the good selection of instant deposit and quick withdrawal methods.

Like other poker sites on the GG Network, Bestpoker has a very good welcome bonus. Scandinavian players who make their first deposit can cash in on up to $2,000 in bonus money. Simply make a deposit, activate the Welcome Bonus in the “My Bonuses” section of your account, and then start playing. Players will be credited with €1 for every €10 in rake for the next 90 days. 

As an added bonus, Bestpoker will also give new depositors free entry into the monthly $1,000 New Player Freeroll. The online poker website has a reputation for launching cool promotions on a regular basis. Do check out the website to find out what are the current promotions on offer.

BetOnAces Poker

BetOnAces Poker was established in 2018 making it the newest online poker site to make this list. The online poker room is quickly gaining a steady and satisfied customer base. BetOnAces brings a fresh look and a wide variety of games that are brought to you by leading software developers. Scandinavian players can choose to play on their desktop, mobile device or by using the in-browser option. All platforms look great and they run seamlessly. 

While many of the bonuses and promotions are geared toward casino enthusiasts and sports bettors, BetOnAces Poker has a few unique promotions that give Scandinavian online poker players the opportunity to add cash to their poker accounts. The top 18 weekly rake producers will receive a ticket into BetOnAces Poker’s weekly 100% Rakeback Tournament where the top three players will get all of their rake from the week returned to them. 

Players can also win a share of the €4,000 that is given away every day in the Big Poker Tournament while the weekly Big Sunday €5,000 gives you a chance at winning a piece of the guaranteed prize. Because there is still a relatively low amount of traffic, your chances of winning cash prizes are pretty good.

NetBet Poker

NetBet is one of the older poker rooms in the market and has been around since 2001. NetBet Poker is one of the most popular sites on the iPoker network and has established a large client base in Europe. Being a part of the iPoker network, players have the opportunity to win very large sit & go jackpots which often surpass the $50,000 mark. 

NetBet Poker caters to players of all skill levels and they offer a wide variety of games that are suitable for all budgets. Texas Hold’em is the most popular game on the site but NetBet Poker also offers a good selection of Omaha and stud games. Thousands of players are normally actively playing at any given time which is good news for those who don’t want to wait to get into their favorite game.

NetBet has over €5 million in guaranteed tournament money up for grabs every month and new players that make their first deposit will have it tripled by up to €1,500. That bonus money can go a long way toward winning a big cash prize playing Twister Poker which is a three-handed sit & go which offers a cash prize of up to 1,000 times the buy-in. NetBet Poker’s VIP Club rewards loyalty with all sorts of special prizes and cash offers.

Betsson Poker

Betsson was established over 10 years ago and has earned a great reputation by offering their customers top-rated security, a superior product, and award-winning customer service. Betsson Poker’s traffic has been rapidly increasing over the past couple of years due in part to the excellent selection of games and stakes. On top of offering a variety of Hold’em and Omaha games, Betsson also has other games such as Razz, stud, and draw poker. 

Betsson also claims to have the lowest rake anywhere for their micro-stakes games which would make the online poker room a very good option for those with more modest poker budgets. There are sit & go’s as well as tournaments running around the clock and there are lots of easy payment and withdrawal options available.

Betsson Poker’s welcome bonus package will make you an instant winner. Players who make their first deposit can choose between welcome bonuses of €100, €300, €1,000 or €2,000. New players are also eligible to play in exclusive freerolls for four consecutive weeks. Regular Scandinavian online poker players are participating in Betsson Poker’s loyalty program which offers up to 30% cashback making it one of the best loyalty programs out there.


It doesn’t matter which Scandinavian country you live in. If you are a fan of online poker then you have access to the best poker sites in the world. These sites use the best software and the fact that they hold licenses in reputable jurisdictions means that they can be trusted to treat you fairly. On top of the sites that have been covered here, Scandinavian online poker players have a lot of other very good sites to choose from as well. Just be sure to do some quick research to make sure that the site you decide to play at is licensed and has a good reputation.

The important thing is that you find an online poker site that caters to your needs as a player. Although bonuses and promotions are attractive, you should look beyond them and pay attention to things like the types of games that are offered. If you are more comfortable playing for small stakes then you want to be sure that the site you are considering signing up with has micro-games available just as high rollers will want to make sure that the site they are looking at has high-stakes action. If you like sites with less traffic and players that are not very skilled at the game, then that shouldn’t be a problem as well as there are quite a few to choose from!