Zynga now has World Poker Tour Themed Poker

This partnership was first announced towards the end of 2017. The relationship has now been materialized after Zynga made an announcement that players will now be in a position to experience the authentic tournament style play that World Poker Tour is associated with. This is the largest in-game partnership that Zynga has ever had. 

Zynga is pleased to be in this partnership. In a press release they expressed how amazing this partnership is to them. They said that this is a transformational multi-year partnership between them and World Poker Tour. This has been brought to life with the launch f the WPT-themed tournaments on the world’s largest free to play poker platform. 

Zynga President of Publishing said that their players are always passionate towards having an experience similar to that of poker champions and this new addition will be a great experience for them. These WPT themed tournaments are here to enhance the free to play Zynga poker social casino experience and to offer a premier name in the sport of poker to the players. Zynga is more than happy to have World Poker Tour on board to offer their players a virtual world that will seem authentic and offer immersive experiences to those who are always passionate about global poker gaming experiences. 

With the new upgrade, players will get a range of features and this will include an authentic World Poker Tour experience, bigger payouts, faster tournaments and high stakes. This new feature will also offer a new WPT Tournament mode with a wider range of stakes and ability to compete in nine-person tables and five person tables. 

Adam Pliska who is the CEO of WPT was also happy with this partnership and said that they are thrilled to see the next step in the transformational multi-year partnership between them and Zynga Poker materialize. This will be achieved through the WPT-themed tournaments on the world’s largest free to play poker platform. This will feature state of the art integrations and enhanced gameplay where millions of Zynga poker players from across the globe will be in a position to experience the true feeling of competing on the global World Poker Tour arena. 

If you want to experience Zynga Poker, it is available as a free download and is available for iOS and Android devices. Zynga came to be in 2007 and is based in California. They have a host of games not only poker. Some of these popular games are Word With Friends, CSR Racing and FarmVille.

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