WPT Montréal Main Event underway

WPtlogoThe WPT Montréal Main Event kicked off this weekend, pulling in a total of 862 entries over the course of three Day 1s. This is a bit of a dip from last year’s 1173, but still substantially more than the average for most spots on the tour. It was also to be expected that last year’s numbers would be hard to beat, benefitting as they did from the novelty factor of it being the first Canadian WPT stop in several years.

Siebert looks for a repeat performance

The chip leaders at the end of the three Day 1s were Sebastien Drolet-Poitras (1A), Derrick Rosenbarger (1B) and Sylvain Siebert (1C). Of these, Drolet-Poitras is the overall chip leader with a whopping 270,800 chips. You might not recognize any of those names, but Sylvain Siebert made the final table of last year’s WPT Montréal main event, so if he manages to perform similarly this time around, he may become a big name in local poker.

Celebrities to watch out for

Although the very largest chip stacks may be held by relative unknowns, some familiar names are not far behind. Day 1A was particularly kind to previous champions, with Mohsin Charania, Amir Babakhani, Andy Hwang, Eugene Katchalov and Phil Laak all finishing with over 100,000 chips. Antonio Esfandiari and Mike Linster fared similarly well on Days 1B and 1C respectively.

The road to final table

There’s still a long way to go just to make the money, let alone final table, with 357 players remaining and 99 seats paid, so these early chip counts may not mean very much. Regular play will continue through Wednesday, with the final table taking place on Thursday, December 5. The official payouts have not yet been announced, but the prize pool is just over $3 million, so 1st place should be approximately $530,000.

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