Who should win Bluff Magazine Readers Choice Awards

decisionsThis year Bluff Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards has 14 categories and below you will find the most scientific breakdown of each category (basically my opinions on who will win).

You can see all the finalists and vote for your favorites at Readers Choice Award Voting and you can read Bluff Magazine’s Kevin “KevMath” Mathers list of Top 10 snubs here: Readers Choice Awards Snubs

So without further adieu, here are my selections for the 2013 Bluff Readers Choice Awards –Mind you, these aren’t the people I would necessarily vote for, just the people I expect to win.

  • Favorite on the Felt Moment

C’mon, is there ever an answer to this question that isn’t the WSOP Main Event champion? This is THE moment in poker every year; the only moment that is 100% guaranteed to get on the Yahoo homepage.

  • Favorite off the Felt Moment

This is a two horse race between the Garden City Group starting the remission process and the launch of online poker in Nevada and New Jersey. Since the GCG hasn’t actually paid out a dime yet, in the end I have to go with the completed process of iGaming launch in Nevada and New Jersey.

Players getting FTP checks is a shoe-in for the 2014 Off the Felt Moment.

  • Favorite TV Personality

This is without doubt the most competitive category. Joe Stapleton, Mike Sexton, Kara Scott, Norman Chad, and Antonio Esfandiari are the finalists, and all are great on broadcasts.

My guess is that Stapleton and Esfandiari aren’t on TV enough to get the votes they’ll need, which leaves us with Norman Chad, Mike Sexton, and Kara Scott. My brain is telling me Kara Scott, but my gut is saying Norman Chad.

  • Favorite Podcast

I have a secret to admit: I’ve probably listened to 10 poker podcasts all year long. And I don’t mean 10 different podcasts, I mean 10 episodes! My listen rate and appearance rate is about 1:1 in 2013. Podcasts are just not my thing.

I will add that even though write-ins are not permitted, PokerFraudAlert.com Radio is launching a serious write-in campaign in this category 🙂

So with that in mind I’ll go with the one I found the most interesting and enlightening, Rabbit Hunt, with Mark Gahagan and Chris Grove.

  • Breakout Performer

Loni Harwood should win this by a landslide, but if one of the boys is going to sneak in for the win I’d go with Ryan Reiss based on the WSOP Main Event factor.

  • Favorite Male Poker Player

This one has to come down to Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu right? I’ll take Negreanu for the win.

  • Favorite Female Poker Player

Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree will battle this one out for sure. Go with Selbst; she knows how to close out a competition.

  • Best Final Table

If you vote for anything but the EPT Grand Final Main Event in this category you don’t know anything about poker.

  • Favorite California Poker Room

The Commerce; next question.

  • Favorite Las Vegas Poker Poker Room

Oh how the mighty have fallen, the award has to go to the Aria this year, as they take over the mantle of the best poker room in Vegas from the Bellagio.

  • Favorite Florida Poker Room

After their successful $10 million guaranteed tournament the winner here has to be Seminole Hard Rock.

  • Favorite Northeast Poker Room

This is a tough question since none of these rooms are in direct competition with one another. Who will win; the old school rooms like Foxwoods or Borgata, or one of the young upstarts like Maryland Live or Parx? But tough questions still need to be answered so I’ll put my money on the Borgata.

  • Favorite Online Cash Game Player

Remember, this is a popularity contest of sorts, so while Doug Polk should win this award, the actual winner will be Viktor Blom.

  • Second Best Poker Follow on Twitter (behind @Kevmath)

I’m going with Negreanu on this one because by following Daniel Negreanu you also get the best of Matt Savage as they are constantly bickering about one thing or another. So a Negreanu is like a two for one follow.

You might say, “wait, isn’t the opposite true as well? Can’t I follow Negreanu by following Matt Savage?” but the trouble with that thinking is that besides his debates with Negreanu, Matt Savage’s tweets are usually about rules and registration procedures, where Negreanu’s Twitter is a bit livelier.


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