Swiss Voters have overwhelmingly chosen to legalize online gambling

Switzerland has chosen to allow online casinos through their newly approved law that intends to keep foreign operations from operating in their territory. The Swiss overwhelmingly voted surpassing earlier polls. This is a measure that has already been approved in parliament to legalize Swiss casino that have been certified. With their current move, Internet providers are expected to block all foreign betting sites. 

This new Gambling Act was supported by 73% of the voters despite the allegations that the law only amounts to online censorship. This act is expected to take shape in 2019 and is considered to be one of the strictest in Europe since it will only allow Swiss-certified casino and gaming firms to operate. The government added that the Act is designed to also curb online gambling addiction. Both housed of parliament have passed the bill into law. 

The Swiss Justice Minister Sommaruga pointed out that the bans are necessary to make sure that all sites comply with the nation’s laws pertaining online gambling. One of the rules is for them to block known addicts. He added that Swiss gamblers spend close to $254 million in foreign sites but none of this makes to the county’s taxes and this does not also contribute to anti-gambling programs. 

People who opposed to this new Act suggested that the government could have provided incentives or room to companies that were ready to be taxed by the Swiss government. This new laws will without doubt block New Aussie Online Casinos from getting into the Swiss market. It is claimed that this new Act is being moved by big money from Swiss casinos who intend to cash in huge amounts of money by barring their competition. 

Critics have pointed out that domain and IP bans are easily evaded through the use of Virtual Private Networks but the Intellectual property Watch legislators stressed that they know this but other countries have been successful in moving gamblers to legitimate sites through the method being imposed. The head the the Greens’ youth wing; Luzian Franzini said that this new move will be dangerous to internet censorship and that there was a generation gap with these lawmakers because they do not really comprehend what this new act would do to the internet. 

Voters who passed the online gambling act rejected the Sovereign Money Initiative law that would make the central bank of Switzerland the sole valid issuer of new currency but it is currently issuing 10% of the currency. The supporting voters said this measure would be reining in the highly unstable world of global finance. But those opposing it said that the measure is radical and would undermine the Swiss banks which manage trillions of dollars in wealth. 

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