Somerset Poker Tag Team Living the Dream

The Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi might not have been thinking about poker when he said that individual commitment to a group’s effort propels a team to success, a society or company. One of the outstanding tag teams to join the event are the Somerset Poker team that started off its play at the $1000 tag team event that kicked off in Rio. A team has to be of two to four players to battle out for a bracelet.  When it comes to team work, it is evident with worldpokerdeals – online poker rockstars and the great work they are doing to keep poker villains informed about the best poker practices. 

When it comes to Lombardi’s idea on teamwork, it applies to the tag team competition where the players will need good strategy and mind about the rules. When it comes to the group play, it is always hard to tell who will be allowed into the game first and which part of the competition the more experienced players should play. 

Teams are ambitious and are looking at cashing in from across the poker spectrum. Larry Spraker and Mike Durand are two of those people who are hoping to make use of the teamwork to bag the bracelet. These two New Yorkers are in a poker club back home known as the Somerset Poker tour. Somerset is in the upstate New York near Albany and this tour involves a bunch of guys who are in love with poker player and competition. 

Even when Durand and Spraker are in the tag team event on their own, they are wearing their Somerset League baseball-style jerseys hoping that this will bring them luck. Spraker said that this is and activity they have been taking part in for the last 10 years. They started this in 2008 and since then this has been an annual pilgrimage for them. 

During this annual trips to the WSOP, Durand and Spraker have notched a couple of cashes here and there. In total, they have won more than $30,000 in live tournament winnings combined and they hope to add to this with some tag team skills. 

Spraker and Durand are making use of social media to update their fans and family back home about their play in Vegas. Both of them are in love with the idea of playing among the best players in the industry. They believe that this is the only game in the world that one can show up and play with the professionals. Durand says that one cannot show up at the US open and start playing. This applies to baseball as well. They say that in poker the have the opportunity to sit with the professionals and play and they have done this. They have great stories about such great experiences. 

During their play in each summer over the last ten years, they have been able to live great poker fantasies and have played with the best players seen on TV. Durand remembers about his experience with 2001 Main Event winner Carlos Mortensen when he met with him as he headed out for a break. Carlos introduced himself and they shook hands. During the game after the break, Durand was randomly moved to Carlos’ table where Carlos, called him out and everyone thought he was some sort of pro player. He got into the table and won six hands just raising free with no action playing back at him. Other players on the table thought he was a pro but this was the time when there was no twitter and no one could look him up. 

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