NJ iGaming sees 32,000 online gambling accounts created in first week

why-new-jersey-2According to an article on theDailyJournal.com, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has said there have been a total of 32,277 online gambling accounts created since the state launched their online gambling industry on November 21.

Regulators do not know how many of those accounts have deposited and participated in real-money online gambling, or how many actual people registered as players are capable of making accounts at multiple online gambling sites. The breakdowns between online casino and online poker registrations were not disclosed by the DGE either.

A good start

Overall this has to be seen as a very good start for New Jersey’s online gambling industry. While many of the registered accounts will likely never deposit a dime or play online in New Jersey, with 37,000 registered accounts even a one-in-ten participation rate would give NJ a base player-pool of 3,700 players.

So, even with the registration and deposit troubles players have reported it would seem that New Jersey’s iGaming industry is off to a roaring start.

What is the cap?

With New Jersey off to a good start the question then becomes; how good can it get?

Participation rates for online poker are usually in the 1-2% range of the entire population over the course of a year, which means New Jersey’s online poker industry could see a player pool of around 100,000 players.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that there will be 100,000 players sitting at online poker tables on Friday nights, as the number of players at any given time will vary: Some players factored into the 1-2% participation rate deposit $50 and play a single session, never to return; others may leave their accounts dormant for months; and still others may play very sporadically.




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