Lock Poker gains the upper hand on Revolution Gaming

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.39.39 PMAfter parting ways with the Revolution Gaming Network Lock Poker will now go it alone, operating as an independent online poker room.

One of the first barriers the site must cross will be leaving their former home in the rearview mirror, and surpassing the Revolution Gaming Network on two key fronts: traffic and consumer confidence.

The battle for traffic looks like a mismatch on paper, with Win Cake, Intertops, and the rest of the Revolution Gaming Network in one corner, and Lock Poker standing alone on the other side of the ring. However, battles aren’t fought on paper, and looks can be very deceiving, so let’s take a closer look at the numbers shall we?

Sunday Guarantees 

One scorecard we can turn to is the numbers for each site’s Sunday guarantee tournament. In their first head-to-head battle this past weekend Lock Poker won a resounding victory, with 250 entrants compared to Revolution Gaming’s 160.

If you are wondering if this is just an outlier, the answer is “probably not.”

Despite having the same buy-in for their big Sunday tournament, $215, Lock Poker guarantees $25,000 while Revolution Gaming guarantees just $15,000. A clear indication Lock Poker feels it has more players and more liquidity.

Revolution’s early Losses Will Likely Continue to Grow 

According to the PokerScout.com traffic report from 11/4/2013 the Revolution Gaming Network saw a drop of between 20%-30% following their split with Lock Poker. PokerScout also stated that Lock Poker had roughly ¼ the liquidity of Revolution following the breakup.

On the surface this appears to be a win for Revolution.

Looking deeper into the data suggests otherwise, however. These numbers were taken less than a week after Lock Poker left Revolution Gaming, and there are likely to be countless Lock Poker players who haven’t yet downloaded the new software or migrated their accounts to Lock Poker v2.0.

There is also the not so small matter of Revolution Gaming’s attempt to confuse Lock Poker players with their hastily crafted Pure Poker skin and their deceitful promise to transfer Lock Poker balances.

The Revolution Gaming Network has seen their traffic in a nosedive since Lock left, and there are no signs of that stopping anytime soon, and where will those players go? Many may head to Lock Poker.

Lock’s Peak Traffic Numbers are Ticking Up 

Since breaking from the Revolution Gaming Network Lock Poker has seen peak traffic numbers ranging from 1,500 players online to 2,000 players during one of the site’s big freeroll tournaments. A pretty strong debut for Lock Poker’s first week as an independent online poker site to be sure.

What these numbers demonstrate is that there is definitely interest in a standalone Lock Poker, and that the site still has plenty of potential for growth as it gets itself on firmer ground, more established in its new home, and puts more distance between itself and the Revolution Gaming Network.

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