Lawmakers in Connecticut are Hinting about online gambling

2017, saw pundits trying to predict the number of states that were about to legalize online gambling in 2018. Some of the states they named were New Hampshire, Illinois, Michigan and New York among others but no one was hopeful about Connecticut. Last week saw state lawmakers held a press conference where they discussed possibilities of having sports betting legalized. These lawmakers also brought about the issue on online gambling.

The reason why online gambling is being discussed right now is that the Supreme Court is expected to give a ruling on its legality in a couple of months. This might be because Connecticut passed a new online lottery bill which will make it possible for the state to sell a couple of online lottery tickets and maybe expand to offer online casino games. There are plenty of other states that are expressing interest in coming up with online lotteries and these are Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Connecticut’s location might be another reason why they are looking at legalizing online gambling. New Jersey is boasting of a booming online gambling industry and this has made this the fourth state to allow online gambling and New York is also considering legalizing this too. Since neighbouring states are legalizing online gambling, it might also be a suitable time for them to legalize it as well.

As these activities unfold, we are pretty sure that there are plenty of operators looking at setting up in Connecticut as well as study some of the bills to determine whether these new laws will be fit for their operations. We hope to see new online gambling operators in the market, as well as, attractive casino sign up bonus to lure Connecticut punters who have been looking forward to a time when online gambling will be legalized in their state. For now, all we have to do is hope for a positive ruling from the court and have the lawmakers pass the bill.

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