Gus Hansen’s online woes continue, down over $8 million in 2013

cliffWhen people think of Gus Hansen visions of the always calm, sometimes quirky, professional poker player come to mind. Whether it’s Hansen’s style, charisma, successes or his unrelenting aggression at the poker tables he is the epitome of the Alpha-Male in poker. But Hansen has a major Achilles heel, and it’s not just his legendary sports-betting losses, Gus simply cannot beat online poker.

This isn’t a new trend either, during his online career Hansen has consistently been among the biggest losers each and every year (with a few good runs mixed in) but like Sisyphus, Hansen just refuses to give up and call it a day; instead he gets right behind the boulder and muscles it back up the hill.

How bad are Hansen’s online poker results been? This year alone Gus is down some $8.6 million according to the website, and since they’ve been keeping score Gus Hansen is far and away the biggest loser in online poker history, with $15 million in losses.

It’s doubtful Hansen will stop playing online either, considering he is one of only three players sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, along with Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom.

What about Guy Laliberte?

While it is rumored that Guy Laliberte has lost at least as much as Hansen during a short stint on Full Tilt Poker back in the day (using multiple different online accounts) Hansen’s losses are all the more mind-boggling considering Laliberte is a billionaire who can stand to lose eight figures playing poker.

But how is Hansen funding his online poker habit? Did he invest wisely? Is he winning in other areas? Is someone backing him??? This could turn out to be the great mystery of our time, and as is usually the case, Hansen is playing his cards close to his vest and saying very little on the matter.


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