Global Poker Index, Hendon Mob, and joining forces

teamworkThe Hendon Mob and the parent company the Global Poker Index along with are now joining forces, as the companies announced in a recent press release they would be sharing information with one another, creating the most comprehensive source of tournament poker information in poker history.

Casual fans and causal poker players may not feel this is all that big of a deal, but it is, and here is why:

The Global Poker Index is arguably the best tournament poker ranking system in existence (in my mind the GPI is the #1 ranking system, but some people argue over this); The Hendon Mob is without doubt the best live tournament poker database in existence; and is the best online tournament database and ranking system in the world. Add it all together and you have what is essentially a merger between the three top providers in their prospective niches.

But here are some more specific reasons why this new partnership will help the poker community.

Why it’s a big deal

According to the press release, has 130,000 registered users and sees some 500,000 unique visitors to their website every month. The Hendon Mob and the GPI have 4 million visitors annually. In a nutshell, there are a lot of people visiting these sites, and a lot of opportunities for players to click-through to the other sites.

Global Poker Index CEO Alex Dreyfus had this to say on the new partnership [Bold Mine]:

“I’m excited that the leading rankings companies are building a relationship that will help expose poker players globally and locally, both online and offline. Our common goal is to promote poker, and offering theses results to our respective audiences will be a huge advantage for the future. This exclusive agreement will definitively help each company be stronger and bring more innovation into poker.”

While PocketFives Co-Founder Cal Spears had this to say [Bold Mine]:

“These days, a lot of online poker players are heavily accomplished in the live poker world and vice-versa, so it makes sense for information about both to be linked. In the early days of PocketFives, it was two separate worlds: there were live players and there were online players, and neither was a big fan of the other. Now, with the two worlds intermingled, we’re very excited to be working with GPI and Hendon Mob to make the complete picture of player results more accessible.”

So, beyond the benefit for the companies involved, this is a terrific partnership for poker fans, poker media, and especially for poker players; here is why.

Poker Media

The poker media relies on these sites to fill in a lot of gaps in the stories we write, whether it’s about someone making a deep tournament run, or trying to create a full resume for a superstar player, or finding information on a newly sponsored player, the Hendon Mob and, as well as the Global Poker Index, are invaluable resources.

With the companies now sharing information it should be a much simpler process to jump back and forth between players online and live tournament earnings, as well as their current ranking both at and the GPI.

Furthermore, if the sites can consistently link live players to their online screen-names the poker media will likely be doing back-flips and high-fiving one another.

Poker Fans

Poker fans (who probably don’t visit these websites very often) will also benefit because the media will now be able to provide better coverage thanks to the media’s ability to sift through the information and create a complete picture of a player’s online and live accomplishments.

It may not seem like much, but it will likely put an end to the current situations we find ourselves in where we think a player is a complete unknown, but they later turn out to have $3 million in online tournament earnings. Or now we can definitively say, “This person literally came out of nowhere.”

All in all, the partnership will provide better coverage in the written live reporting updates and the live streams.

Poker Players

Players will likely reap the most rewards from the new partnership, as it will make each player’s resume far easier to read and locate. Not only will they be able to better represent themselves for staking deals, but the databases could lead to more sponsorships deals for players who excel at both live and online tournaments whose real name and online screen-name aren’t synonymous like Tom Dwan and “durrrr,” especially with the new regulated online poker markets popping up in the US.



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