A Conquering Hero Returns: Hero Poker to relaunch in late 2013

hero pokerMerge Poker Network skin Hero Poker was one of the US poker world’s favorite post-Black Friday sites, thanks in most part to its excellent customer service spearheaded by the highly accessible Hero Poker CEO David Jung. But by July of 2013 the US market became too volatile and complicated for Jung and Hero Poker, and the site announced it would be closing up shop.

When they closed their doors, Hero Poker made good on all player deposits, either by sending out payments or transferring player balances to a separate Merge Gaming Network skin.

According to PokerFuse.com, Hero Poker will be returning, hopefully by the end of 2013 if David Jung has his way:

“We’re in the Alpha testing stage of the client, but we are cutting it close [to launch by] the end of the year at this point – before we’re fully up and running,”

The new Hero Poker will be using the Microgaming poker software and will not be available to US players. Additionally, as PokerFuse points out in their article, it’s unclear if Hero Poker will join the Microgaming Poker Network and share player liquidity, or if they will simply be using the company’s product to launch an independent online poker room. Jung is a long-time critic of the network model in online poker.

Normally I would say the idea of Hero Poker going it alone is nothing but idle speculation, as independent poker rooms will always have a tough go of it, with the market generally established at this point, which is why virtually every new online poker room that launches joins a network. However, Hero Poker is not a new room, and does have a good reputation and decent brand recognition, so going it alone may not be out of the question.

They also have David Jung, who has proven to be a top-notch marketer. Jung is not only active inside his company, he is also a regular contributor on multiple Internet poker forums, and not every post he makes is simply about Hero Poker.

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