Charlie Carrel tries to show that the poker dream is alive

The world of online poker is filled with stories of players who turn professional after they have won a free-roll tournament or made a small deposit. Annette ‘Annette_15’ Obrestad and Tom Dwan are the most famous cases. Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson fall in this category after he completed a $0-$10,000 challenge in 2006. 

Another man known to run for the massive bankroll from a small deposit is Charlie ‘Epiphany77’ Carrel. This guy made a deposit of $15 and grew it to $550,000. He deposited the $15 to his PokerStars account and won $1 buy-in 180-man Sit & Go for $49 at first attempt. From this point he continued to play 9-handed SNGs with a $1.5 buy-in before he progressed to $3.5 and $8 games. 

He made the switch to Zoom Cash games before he moved his bankroll to PokerParty after he decided to move to Jersey with his Grandmother. This was to improve his poker game without distracting his friends. 

With a bankroll of $1,800 he moved it to a whopping $60,000 and beyond. He later returned to PokerStars where he took part in the Sunday Million for $200,000. He has now made a name for himself in the world of inline poker gambling. Carrel later switched to $2/$5 six-max Zoom where he crushed opponents on a daily basis. His bankroll took a high of $520,000 from his $15 investment. 

Not only did Carrel excel in the online arena but he also made it big in the live circuit alike. He also made six figure wins with a €1,114,000 win in the €25,500 8-handed high roller event at the EPT Grand Final in 2015. Since this period, Carrel has won made more than $6.2 million from his live poker tourneys. 

After the multiple wins, Carrel made an announcement that he was stepping away from poker for some time to concentrate on other projects. This is similar to what Fedor Holz did and it propelled him into the limelight. Although he did all this to prove that one is able to turn a small deposit into a large sum of money. There are a lot of people claiming that online poker is dead and that it is impossible for one to turn a small bankroll into a large bankroll. Carrel has done his best and has been able to prove that all this is wrong. 

He made a deposit of $50 in his PokerStars account a week ago and he is attempting to grind his way to $10,000 as he streams all his gaming on Twitch. He is using the 20 buy-in rule and this means that he can move up stakes once he has 20 buy-ins for the next stakes. He will be dropping down stakes when he has 17 buy-ins for the current level. With the video poker sites by CasinoWhizz you will be able to get a good platform where you can try out this challenge by Carrel.

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