Bitcoin Cash is the new default for Blockchain Poker

Bitcoin cash is said to be the only true bitcoin and the functional cryptocurrency. Blockchain poker has made announcements that their application’s default currency will be Bitcoin BCH. This is a great way to show their players how amazing cryptocurrencies are. 

When started out in 2015, BTC was supported in the platform but this ceased in 2017 after BTC was moved from the original Satoshi Nakamoto white paper’s vision of a peer to peer electronic cash system. With this new system, bitcoin is capped at only 1MB and this brings a lot of backlogs due to lack of scale while BCH is at 2MB. 

Since bitcoin has attracted higher fees than before and there is limited block space, this has moved business and users to other cryptos like Ethereum tokens, and bitcoin cash. 

This forced a few affected bitcoin poker sites to move to bitcoin cash. First in place is blockchain poker which is known for their incredible instant jump into single table No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash games which come with rake caps and rakeback that permits players to build their bankroll. The beauty of this platform is that it makes it easy for their players to anonymously play without the need to set up an account. Once you start playing, you will get rewards like in other poker sites. In this case, you will get free satoshis. Since this is a blockchain platform, you will be allowed to use bitcoin. 

Blockchain poker has great plans lined up for 2018. They plan to have more and more features on chain that will help a great deal to get more players on the poker platform. The reception for the platform has been positive this far. 

With regard to market capitalization, it is evident that Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum make up the top four cryptocurrencies. Ethereum would be said to have the first move advantage regarding tokenization but smart contracts are available with bitcoin cash after the upgrade that took place in May. Bearing in mind that Ethereum is plagued with a lot of security issues, bitcoin cash stands out as the most efficient and reliable option for poker lovers at Blockchain poker. 

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin cash can do a lot of things and more. After the upgrade in May, the block size was increased by 32MB and they also restored the OP_Codes for better functionality. With the new functionalities, an atomic bet was witnessed which is something that has never been seen in the past. 

Blockchain poker is one of the platforms that has decided to make things easy for their players by choosing to go for Bitcoin cash. Analysts in the market are pointing out that bitcoin cash has the best position to become the best in the market when it comes to payments and this will soon become the best breed in all sectors and this includes the tokens and smart contracts. 

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